How To Break Into The Music Industry

How To Break Into The Music Industry

There are endless articles to be found on the web which offer checklists promising the magic formula for success in the industry. Whilst we won’t claim that this article can do just that, rest assured that we will do our best to provide some nifty tips for getting a leg-up on your competition.

Get an Agent

As an independent artist, the burden of writing, recording and performing can leave little time for some of the amazing things you gave going on. This is where music booking agents come in. With a team of agents dedicated to handling all the negotiations and arrangements that may be involved in live shows, you will have more time to work on the things which are most important to you, such as rehearsal or writing. Remember, agents are a big part of generating gigs and therefore, income. After all, the goal is to do what you love full time, whilst living comfortably from the income.

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If you are an artist interested in signing to a London music agency, see MN2S’ Contact page.

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Have Quality Music & Content

Content is the life-force of your act. Without quality music and content, you have nothing to showcase – so how should you do this? Don’t cut corners when it comes to production, mixing or mastering. Don’t simply opt for the cheapest deal. More often than not, the amount of money and time you spend on such things will be directly reflected in the song’s quality. Quality music, followed by good videos and press shots will increase your chances of success.

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Gig, Gig and Gig Again

Quite possibly the best marketing tool you have as an artist is your ability to play your music to a large number of spectators at once. You can captivate them, inspire them and persuade them to follow your every step. From one sold-out show, brimming with energy and execution, the chances of getting signed are significantly increased.

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