4 Undeniable Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

4 Undeniable Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Don’t you wish you had a gorgeous, movie-star smile? The fact of the matter is that there are some pretty powerful benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Here are four undeniable benefits of cosmetic dentistry, and why you should make an appointment for cosmetic dentistry in Boston today.

1. Improved Self Esteem

Have you ever been embarrassed by your smile? Sometimes, people get so used to being ashamed of the way that their teeth look that they develop smile anxiety, constantly covering their mouths when they talk, laugh, or smile. Sometimes, this phobia tied to your teeth can even spill over into your social life, making it hard to be confident when you meet new people or get close to the one you love. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can help to completely transform the look of your teeth.

Before your Boston dentist does anything to your teeth, he or she will have you come in for a cosmetic consultation. After making sure that your teeth are healthy and comfortable, your dentist will talk with you about what procedures are right for your smile. For example, if you have missing teeth due to previous injuries or periodontal disease, your dentist might recommend placing dental implants to fill the holes, restore function, and make your smile look perfect. Although some cosmetic dentistry procedures can take some time to complete, getting on the road to dental perfection can help you to feel great about yourself and where you are going.

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2. Less Dental Decay

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t all about looks. Repairing small problems while they are still a cosmetic issue can help you to fend off serious infections or even tooth loss. For example, since crooked teeth are harder to clean, they can eventually lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

The simple truth is that crooked teeth can be much more difficult to brush and floss, which can leave plaque and tartar accumulating along your teeth. Because plaque and tartar harbor bacteria that produce enamel-eroding acids, crooked teeth are more susceptible to developing hidden cavities and infections. Eventually, the body responds to bacteria left along the gumline by causing the gum tissue to recede, which can make teeth less stable in their sockets. If the problem isn’t addressed, periodontal disease can set in, making the teeth fall out and prompting system-wide inflammation. However, if the teeth had been straightened earlier, the patient could have kept the teeth clean and avoided periodontal disease altogether.

A good rule of thumb is never to assume that dental damage is strictly a cosmetic issue unless your dentist tells you so. Instead, visit your dentist or periodontist at the first sign of trouble, and be honest about what has been bothering you—even if it sounds vain. After all, talking with your dentist about that tooth with a jagged, uncomfortable edge might save you from a deeply-rooted infection down the road.

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3. Makes You Look Tidier

What do you think your smile says about you? Although most people assume that their smile only tells people that they are happy, research has shown it says a lot more.

Studies have shown that people tend to make judgment calls about other people within about 7 seconds of initially meeting that person, which means that your teeth need to be on point at all times to make the best impression. Other studies that focused on how employers perceived people based on their teeth found that people who interviewed for a job were more likely to be hired if their teeth were straight and white than if they were damaged or discolored. In fact, the data from the study showed that 68% of employers associated professional success with cleaner, straighter teeth.

Before you start trying to think of ways to conceal your smile during your next job interview, remember—cosmetic dentistry can make you look a lot tidier. Professional dental treatments like in-office teeth whitening sessions can brighten your smile as much as 8-10 shades, leaving you with stain-free, clean-looking teeth. Clear orthodontic treatments, such as invisible aligners, can help you to straighten your smile without those embarrassing brackets and wires. As an added benefit, invisible orthodontic trays only need to be worn about 22 hours a day, which means you can take them out during that interview.

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4. Easier Introductions

Are you tired of strangers clearly wondering why some of your teeth are discolored, strangely shaped, or missing altogether? Curious friends, family members, or even strangers at the grocery store can ask questions with the best intentions—even if they might come across as rude or hurtful.

Cosmetic dentistry can help you to completely transform your smile with brand new teeth or beautiful veneers. It can also correct smaller problems. For example, if your teeth are chipped, composite resins can be dyed to match your teeth exactly, and then molded into place to correct the shape of your tooth. After your tooth is polished and cleaned, people won’t even be able to tell where the damage once was.

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry extend much further than you might initially suppose. To find out what these procedures can do for you, consult with your local cosmetic dentist.

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