Slotomania – Fun Online Gaming For All

Why is it that so many people are going gaga over Slotomania’s portfolio of cool slots? When you realize that you won’t make any real money on these games you might wonder just why you should play. After all,isn’t the fun of online gaming the possible winnings? Well, with Slotomania free video slots games from Playtika, you are taken back to a time when gaming was just about gaming and the excitement came from a feeling of accomplishment.

Slotomania – Fun Online Gaming For All

Free Slots Online

One can play slots in online casinos for free but this does not compare to the Slotomania experience. Free Slotomania slots are built differently and while you will be able to buy in and get the coins to play with for real money, you don’t have to. The games are set up in a way that makes it totally possible to advance by getting bonuses, free rounds and special gifts. All you have to do is download the Slotomania app which you can find at iTunes or through Google Play. The games work on Android as well as on iPhone or iPad and they are available through Facebook.

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When Can I Play Slotomania Slots?

As soon as you have a Slotomania app on your phone you can start the fun. You will have access to more than 50 games. New titles are constantly introduced and you simply choose the ones that look the most interesting to you. You can play Slotomania slots whenever you feel like it and this is an ongoing process. When you come back to play again you continue where you left off last time.

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If you want to join a specific tournament you might have to adjust to a certain game and time but this all depends on the setup of the event. One of the great advantages of the Slotomania games is that you will be able to share the fun with your friends. You can even send them free gifts!