Discover Haunted Chester: From Bingo Halls To City Walls

The historic city of Chester can lay claim to be one of the most haunted places in the UK. There is no shortage of legends and tales detailing strange apparitions, ghostly presences, and odd happenings. Even the bingo hall is said to be haunted. Want to know more? Here are the locations of the reported haunted places in Chester, and what you can expect if you visit them – particularly late at night…

Gaumont Cinema

The Bingo hall in the city of Chester is the site of the former Gaumont Cinema. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Old George, who often appears dressed in a tweed jacket and makes odd thumps and bumping noises as he moves around the building.

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Old Northgate

The medieval Northgate was once the city jail and it is believed to be haunted by a number of different spirits. Many people have reported hearing cries and moans that seem to appear out of the underground passageways and cells. People hear muffled bumps on windy nights. It is certainly a mournful place with its violent history, which is why it is not surprising that these ghostly occurrences have happened.

Chester City Walls

The historic city walls are haunted by old soldiers, and they echo with the battle cries of warriors who died here defending the city. It is said that you can hear the sounds of artillery and can see the ghosts of soldiers floating where the original walls reached.

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St John’s Church

The ruins of St. John’s Church are certainly spooky. And it is said that you can see the ghost of a monk who comes out of an underground tunnel that is now disused, and walks to the West Tower that is now in ruins. This ghost is also said to walk between the walls of the church, and occasionally ventures further afield.

Queens School

The Victorian school is located on the site of the former city jail and students in the building report feelings of dread, and they say that the Music Room is haunted by ghosts from the past.

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Old Rectory

The Old Rectory on St. Mary’s Hill in Chester was previously the vicarage attached to the church. People say that rooms in the rectory are always cold, and doors bang even when there is no wind.

Stanley Palace

Stanley Palace on Watergate Street was built in 1591 and was a former town house of a wealthy family. This is reported to be one of the most haunted buildings in Chester. People say they can hear the footsteps of children and their voices. And the ghost of a 17th century lady in grey apparently wanders the gallery, while a soldier in uniform stands by the staircase.

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