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Fashion Forecast: Top 10 Sexiest Fashion Trends For 2017

2017 is shaping up to be one of the sexiest years in recent history – and you can thank the fashion industry for turning on the heat. The runways have already been replete with slinky, saucy and seductive styles, and in a few short months, these trends are going to hit the streets. Get ready. […]

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The Effect Of Gym On Our Lifestyle

The activities that we do in our daily life indicates our lifestyle, lifestyle is different for different people like age, social status, economic status and the environment they born and bought up. Generally lifestyle includes the type of food you eat in your daily life, what type of clothes you wear, how you manage your […]

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What Is Claustrophobia?

Over 10% of the UK suffer from claustrophobia but how many of us actually knows what it is? Well it is the irrational fear of confined spaces, for example lifts are confined spaces, some people can react mildly whilst others can experience server anxiety and even have a panic attack. According to the NHS the […]