Kawai Pianos – Learn Why Buying One Truly Make Sense

Today, Kawai is one of the most popular and most widely used brands of Pianos in the UK. They are a Japan based piano manufacturing company who initiated the use of carbon-fiber actions since 1970. And this ultimately resulted in faster, stronger and more durable actions in the world of piano.

This Japanese brand of piano still uses top-quality hardwood shanks and felt hammers, but they also embrace stronger and lighter ABS Styron action to prevent expansion in wooden material caused by moisture content in the air.

Kawai Pianos UK for the Next-generation Pianists

If you have ever played a Kawai Piano, you probably know the good reasons of buying it while there is a plethora of other brands available in the market. But Kawai Piano users very know that investing in this brand ensures best value for money.

But if you have never played a Kawai Piano, let me share some good reasons of owning one. When compared to traditional pianos, also called acoustic pianos, digital pianos need less space to be fitted and never go out of tune.

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If we talk about the quality of sound, Kawai pianos are known for extremely clean and strong sound, which makes it popular amongst musicians. So, it didn’t come as a surprising fact to me that Kawai pianos are consistently winning the title of the Piano Line of the year since 2008.

Now if you are thinking of purchasing a digital piano, it’s time to consider the key features so as to make the right choice.

Usage Category 

The selection of digital piano may vary dramatically depending on where and how you want to use it. If you are going to place a kawai piano in your drawing room, size and weight of the instrument may not be the real concerns. However, if you are a member of a musicians’ band, portability and lighter weight of a piano are the main features you seek while buying one.

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Kawai Pianos - Learn Why Buying One Truly Make Sense

Touch Response of a Keyboard

With Kawai digital piano, if you press the keys too hard, it can produce a loud sound. The keys of a digital piano are usually more touch-sensitive, and thus makes a perfect choice for serious pianists.


Piano keyboards can produce countless different sounds, also called voices, including audience applause, car horn and orchestral swell. However, it is claimed that the quality quotient of each sound moves down as the number of sounds produced by the particular piano moves up. Kawai pianos embrace countless sounds and thanks to its latest technology of design, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of each sound. Perhaps this is why Kawai pianos are equally in the range in people from all walks of life.

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There are numerous people out there who played on a Kawai Piano for the first time and fell in intense love with it. They are very easy to play and sound is quite awesome. Moreover, they provide you with a wide range of models, styles and colours to choose from.

Regardless of which model or type of Kawai piano you choose to buy, you are guaranteed of high-quality material and sound. Don’t delay anymore. Find a reliable and reputed Kawai piano dealer serving your territory today!

Author Bio: 

Jennifer is a reputed Kawai Piano dealer in the UK. She also enjoys playing a digital Kawai piano and loves sharing her knowledge about piano’s sound quality, material, design and features with others.