Top Tech Trends To Check Right Now

Even though we are a quarter of the way through 2017, there is still a lot of year left! We have seen some of the coolest gadgets and gizmos come through in 2016 and into this year, but which ones will continue to rise and which will fade off? Can we expect more “cool” techy things to come out this year or will we be left waiting until 2018?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Here are the top tech trends that exist today and will continue to dominate the marketplace throughout this year and possibly the next.

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Smart Homes

From locking your doors to turning off your oven, to even feeding your dog – you can literally do it all from the comfort of anywhere but your home. It’s true. Just download an app or two and you can do it all.

Virtual Assistants

Alexa has dominated 2017 with her ability to do everything from ordering groceries to checking the weather to answering challenging questions. She can even control temps in your house and set reminders and timers. It’s literally a virtual assistant without having to pay someone a salary. Plus, she’s incredibly affordable.

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According to Forbes, “Security in the world of the internet of things (IoT) must be as agile at the components people use. It must be both fluid and adaptive. Designers must consider IT security early in the development of applications, solutions, and enterprise architectures.” In other words, keep your computers and devices safe.

Intelligent Apps

These are basically just smart assistants you have been using and you probably don’t even know it. Apps that help with business needs – social media automation, scheduling, booking appointments, etc. – are considered intelligent apps. They can transform businesses by streamlining workplace processes, such as prioritizing emails and highlighting specific content.

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Let’s see what 2018 has in store for us! I am sure we can expect to see some exciting new products as well as some fabulous updates to the existing ones.

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