5 Interesting Websites To Check Out

When you find yourself with a lot of free time, then the Internet offers a great way to unwind. Some websites are able to suck time away with graphics and games, while others keep you intrigued with articles and videos. Blifaloo is an example of a website that has a little bit of everything and touts itself as a boredom buster website. Here are a few others to check out.

5 Interesting Websites To Check Out


Any.do is a website that offers task managers for smartphones. This website is not only interesting, but it is extremely beneficial in helping professionals stay organized. You maintain the ability to organize your agenda across any platform, as well as being able to categorize it. What makes this website interesting is the ability to upload files to your tasks and setting subtasks to break large projects down even further. Even if this site is not designed to break your boredom, it is a site that should be checked out.

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Background Burner

If you like to play with photographs, but do not have the finances for Photoshop, then Background Burner is a site you will fall in love with. You can select an image you want to edit and then the site will automatically remove the background image. You can then take the graphics and insert them into photos you are creating on PicMonkey.

But does it Float

A website that has been around for several years and is still holding strong is But Does it Float. This site is a nothing but photographs and art work that can be clicked on for the description. This site is a great way to blow time and be amazed with what the universe is capable of, as well as getting a glimpse into other people’s minds.

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As mentioned earlier, Blifaloo is a site that is designed to be a boredom buster. Blifaloo offers puzzles, interesting articles, games, computer tips, and things that are just for fun. Personality quizzes are becoming extremely popular and Blifaloo is not being left out of the game. They offer a variety of quizzes and personality tests, as well as optical illusions that are guaranteed to keep you sidetracked for at least half the day.


In addition to crime reality shows and primetime shows that are on the television, people can continue the research online. CrimeReports takes Google Maps and mashes it with the local police data to give viewers an in-depth view on where crimes have been committed. This site is very useful if you have a family and you are looking for a safer neighborhood to live in, as it gives you the type of crime that was committed and when. You also have the ability to share crimes with your neighbors and friends so they will be kept in the loop. However, if you want to know what is going on without visiting the site regularly, you can set up alerts that will be sent via email on a regular basis based on your preferences.

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