5 Important Features Of Reliable WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress is a great web content platform used by tens of millions of users. It is not only free to use, but comes with a myriad of web design tools. While you can open a free WordPress blog, most people go for a self-hosted account in order to use all features that WordPress provides. This is quite easy and all you have to do is simply subscribe to a WordPress managed hosting provider. When looking for web hosting providers that support WordPress sites, here are some of the important features to vouch for.

Fast Site Speed

Does your web-hosting provider make use of speed optimization technology? Some examples of server optimization applications include CloudFlare, Incapsula, and CloudFront, just to name a few. These third party services can improve site speed by 20 to 30 percent. On the other hand, the type of server and hosting service you choose will largely determine how fast your site will load.

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A fast website is important because it helps to enhance the user experience for your visitors. Studies have shown that websites lose clients who would have purchased a product or service if it were not for slow page loading. In addition, site speed is one of the signals that search engines such as Google look at to rank websites. A fast site will therefore help your website rank better and enhance service delivery on your website.

Reliable Uptime

It can be frustrating for both customers and website owners when online services suffer interruptions due to server collapse. If you are running an online business, then look for reliable WordPress managed hosting providers. Reliable hosting services usually offer 99.9% uptime with no scheduled downtimes.

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5 Important Features Of Reliable WordPress Managed Hosting


How secure is the hosting platform you wish to use? Security is one of the most important features of managed WordPress hosting. Web platforms are constantly under the threat of cyber attacks. Hosting platforms that are infected with malware can spread these malicious programs to other client machines. This is why Bing completely blocks sites with viruses, while Google can penalize malicious pages with low rankings. In light of these issues, choose a secure managed web-hosting provider. A good hosting service should offer SSL certificates and other methods of encryption to ensure that your WordPress site is protected from attacks.

Technical Support

Most people that choose to self-host a WordPress site always require support at some point. Perhaps it may be when setting up a new hosing account, resolving a problem or help to upgrade to a faster service. Whatever the case, make sure that your managed Web-hosting service offers round the clock support so that you can resolve problems as soon as possible whenever you encounter them.

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Affordable Hosting Packages

WordPress hosting services come in a wide range of packages at varying subscription fees. Ensure that your provider offers shared hosting plans, dedicated servers, and VPS packages. This will increase your options so that you can find a hosting plan that suits your budget.

To get quality web hosting services, ensure to look for a managed WordPress hosting provider that offers all features mentioned above.

This entry was authored by Scott Heron, an internet-marketing professional that offers managed WordPress Hosting. Scott is a professional online marketing consultant with more than 5 years in the industry.