The 7 Things You Need To Do When Employing Staff For The First Time

Building your staff and expanding your company are exciting, and it is always good when you hire someone you know will be a great fit for your company. Finding a replacement for someone who has left is also a relief if you have vital tasks to complete, but you need to make sure you focus on doing several important things before you can get your new member of staff trained. It is important to comply with payroll and UK employment law when recruiting staff. Here are the seven things you must do as soon as you decide on the person who is right for the job.

  1. Decide on Pay
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Of course, this is a highly subjective matter and it does depend on what budget you have available for salaries, and what you are prepared to pay for the role. You may need to offer more to attract the right candidate. It makes sense to look at industry statistics to see the average rate of pay for similar positions, and also check job ads to make sure your planned salary is in line with what people would expect. As well as this, you must make sure you pay your new employee at least what is stated as the National Minimum Wage. Check current legislation to see how much this is.

  1. Check Work Status
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Before hiring a worker you need to check that they have the legal right of working in the UK. There are several ways to check this, and different documentation that can be used. You may need to also perform other employment checks.

  1. Think About DBS Checks

If your industry is in a field that requires a DBS check (which used to be known as a CRB check), make sure this is carried out.

  1. Get Employment Insurance

If you are becoming an employer for the first time you need to get correct employers’ liability insurance in order.

  1. Send the Offer in Writing
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You need to send a written statement of employment to anyone you are employing for more than one month. You also need to send details of the employment as well as terms and conditions.

  1. Tell HMRC

You also need to inform HM Revenue and Customs that you are employing the person. You need to do this before you can pay the employee – payroll companies will be able to handle all the detail of registering new employees with HMRC.

  1. Check Pension Details

Look into the detail of whether you need to automatically enrol a member of staff in a pension scheme in the workplace.

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