Food Not Only Helps To Sustain Life But Also Brings People Together

Food Not Only Helps To Sustain Life But Also Brings People Together

Food is essential for the bodies to grow, substitute and restore cells and tissues and generate energy to keep warm, and to perform compound procedures such as the ingestion of food. It also guards against, fight and combat infection and recuperates from illness. Food sustains life, yet it is so much more than something that people need to get their bodies nourished. Food at its quintessence is life, love, and the core of humanity. Food brings people together. It is the shared flavors of friendship and community. People love being with others relishing the tastes and textures of food. Often through these shared experiences familiarity grows, memories happen and relations flourish.

Naman Wakil is a food enthusiast from Los Angeles, California who says that food is something which actually binds people. He emphasizes on having food that are healthy as only a nutritious food can keep an individual stay energized, fit and strong all through the day.

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Food is at the sentiment of society. People learn how to obey the rules in society and act together with others in life based on the type of eating procedural that they practice. Naman Wakil says that no matter from where a person comes from or from which culture he or she comes from as every society gives vigilant thought to the everyday cooking of food for friends, family or even visitors. Food therefore means love.

Using the language of food, one can bring people together, across age, income and culture, to play their part in doing something positive for themselves and their community. Naman is a foodie who loves to travel to various countries and indulge in the varieties of cuisines. In addition he is a freelance food blogger, also. He writes about all of the culinary experiences through his blogs. He has been writing food blogs for more than ten years and cannot imagine himself doing something else apart from discovering the tastes of new food and preparing innovative dishes.

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Mr. Wakil is planning to open a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant soon which will be offering some unique culinary preparation which hardly people across the world has tasted. His passion for food developed since he was just a child when he used to watch his mother preparing meals. The use of various ingredients and spices to prepare one dish used to interest him. Gradually he started preparing dishes by using different ingredients and used to look for ways that will enhance the taste of the particular dish. By substituting ingredients Naman, used to swap out the unhealthy ingredients from the recipe.

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Eating food that is healthy, rich in nutrients can prevent diseases from taking place and will also keep a person in shape. Naman Wakil that in order to stay healthy one should eat in moderation and should ensure that diet consist of carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, proteins, minerals and other essential nutrients as lack of any single nutrient may cause problem in the long run.

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