Getting A Deal On Storage

Getting A Deal On Storage

Whether you’re running a business, moving home or just aiming for minimalism, a good self-storage company is an asset you shouldn’t be without! For home owners the benefits are obvious – whether it’s long term safety and security for things you simply cannot keep in your home or as a buffer during a hectic house move.

For retailers, warehousing is always an issue, and when you’re a small business, your needs can fluctuate at short notice. Paying for space you don’t use or for not enough space are both a waste of your money and self-storage is both flexible and secure.

Self-storage is a great solution – but not at any price! As with almost any service, it’s possible to get a good or bad deal, so today we’re presenting a guide to beating the storage prices London pumps up and ensuring you don’t get ripped off when you need it least.

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Get Quotes

Starting out, you don’t know what a reasonable price for storage is. If you simply accept the first offer someone gives you, you may be getting a fantastic deal, but you may be getting seriously ripped off!

Shortlist some of the best storage companies you’d consider using and either check their rates online, or call to find out how much they charge before you commit. Three is the minimum number of quotes you should aim for to feel like you’ve got a clear idea of what the normal price is.

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Once you’ve taken the temperature of the market, it may be worth taking the time to reflect: with an up to date knowledge of how much you’re likely to be paying you may wish to adjust your budget in light of the possible costs, or how much storage you want and for how long in light of your budget.

Always Talk

Never make a final decision before you’ve spoken to a live human being, either over the phone or in person at the site you intend to use.

This serves two vital interests. Firstly, assessing the space: seeing the storage company for yourself and the people running it is the acid test for whether you want to lose it. If you don’t feel confident your possessions will be safe there, then look elsewhere!

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Secondly, you may well find an extra discount is available if you ask in person. If you’re planning on a long term rent of the storage facility or are using it for business, let them know as special rates may be available! Storage companies are as eager as phone companies to compete for your money so treat this as upgrade season and get the best deal you can!

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