How Unified Communication Can Improve Call Centre Outsourcing Services

How Unified Communication Can Improve Call Centre Outsourcing Services

Unified communication can be defined as the effective convergence of all communication channels, techniquesand tools into one solution. This communication technology enables users to be in touch with anyone, anywhere.Unified Communication (UC)features include instant messaging, video conferencing, presence information, and unified messaging. When this technology is utilized in the contact centre, unified communication can lead to improved and advanced customer services. In addition, this helps in delivering seamless customer experience that drives rewarding outcomes.

UC plays an important role in boosting call centre productivity by enabling seamless collaboration. It eliminates the need of multiple communication systems. This, in turn, optimizes businesses procedures and boost communications by streamlining processes, making it easier for people to connect quickly.With features like presence, phone systems, and video conference, internal staff can use their time more productively and get in touch with their colleagues and customers more easily. Call centres with unified communications can enhance day to day operations and therefore, reap multiple benefits to improve the quality of its customer service.

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This guest blog post attempts to share the ways through which unified communications can improve call centre outsourcing services:

Remote agents: If a company permitsits staff to work from home, it can evolve some challenges for the call centre. It requires some time to build an environment and create an element of trust to collaboratebetweenthe internal team and personnel who are working from home. To overcome this challenge, you can incorporate unified communications into your call centre and see the changes. UC with feature ‘presence information ‘can tell the staff status in the call centre. In this manner, an agent who is doing work from home can see whether his colleagues in the call centreare ‘on a call’ or ’away’. UC brings the trust and encourages team spirit.

Improved first call resolution rate: In call centre outsourcing services, first call resolution is the important metric to improve customer satisfaction. With unified communications, first call resolution can be improved as call centre agents can quickly find the right expert to resolve their queries, no matter where they are. It will help them to avoid putting customers on hold or transferring calls to another department.With the help of this technology, call centre agents can simply connect the customers with their adept colleagues to fix the issue quickly. In this manner, UC can help in improving customer experience and retention.

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Real-time training: With UC feature, call centre agents can take the advantage of real-time training. Multiple persons can join the callat the same point of time and participate in the training session. So, when an expert deals with a customer problem, junior level call centre agents can listen to the call andreceive real-time training. Such kind of real-time training on call can be more valuable in the age of virtual call centres. When an agent from a remote location can listen to the ongoing call with the customer, they can automatically receive training without having to come down for this specific purpose.With the help of skills-based presence to consult expert call centre agents into a call, call centre can retain complete controland manage the process from call answer to its solution. In this way, contact centres again a clear picture of the first call resolution success rates.

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Multi-channel communication:Unified communications facilitates one integrated platformfrom where agents can handle customer queries coming from multiple communication channels. To put it simply, UC allows call centre outsourcing companies to manage each communication channel the same way, applying the same logic across different channelsand processes in order to provide a reliable customer service. In the age of the internet, customers choose their preferred mode of communication to get the solution. With UC, customer queries, regardless of their communication mode, will be addressedin aprofessional manner.Unified communications allowmerging of multiple channels to deliver improved customer services.

In the bottom line:

Businesses offering call centre outsourcing services should implement the latest UC solutions to improve business bottom line and efficiency by simplifying communication internally and externally with their colleagues and customers more easily. This is the excellent solution toenhancecustomer experience.

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