Top 5 Best Hiking Trails In Australia Beckon Hikers To Lure Hikers

Australia is an affluent country with superb economical infrastructure. However, this continent is also popular for its natural charisma, adventure and mysticism. Visit Australian continent to enjoy vacation by joining mountain hiking expeditions, under sky long distance overnight journey to cross deserts and various adventurous expeditions. Australia beckons young explorers, hikers and brave water navigators to have wonderful experience. Trail hiking is one of magnificent outdoor sports to entice people to have the flavor of liberty by scaling famous mountains like Stirling located in Perth, Australia.

There are top five best Australia trails for people to hike. These sought-after trails attract foreign visitors for overnight hiking. This outdoor campaign inspires young teens to become professional mountain hikers. These five best mountain trails in Australia give chance to newcomers to embrace adventure lying hidden in the nooks and corners of this beautiful continent.

Top 5 Best Hiking Trails In Australia Beckon Hikers To Lure Hikers

5 Top Trails in Australia

Stirling Mountain Great Ocean Walk Whitsunday Islands Trail Australian Alps Walking Track The Bellarine Rail Trail

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Stirling Mountain 

Go to southeastern part of Perth in Australia, you will see the stupendous Stirling mountain which is gigantic with firmness to stand under the canopy of blue firmament. Start your expedition to reach the summit of Bluff Knoll in Stirling mountain belt. The height of this peak is 3500 foot. The visibility of the chunk of desert of Australia in the Western section of this continent will surely impress you. The best time to for mountain hiking in Stirling ranges from August to the end of October. 18 miles long stretch appears majestic to boost up hikers to gather courage to face adventurous incidents.

 Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk is a long trail stretching from Apollo Bay to the extreme outskirts of Glenample. Major attractions of Great Ocean Walk are wonderful snapshots of shipwrecks, beautiful lighthouses and golden color sand dunes. Eye-catching eucalyptus trees and stiff mountain cliffs entice people to revisit this exotic place for trail hiking. The comfortable time to visit this Great Ocean Walk trail is June up to September.

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Whitsunday Islands Trail

Whitsunday Islands is usually a famous place for snorkeling and adventurous kayaking. However, the long trail ranging from Brandy Creek via Conway State Forest to meet Airlie Beach is the Mecca to hikers. Nature speaks to people in suppressed tone. Colorful butterflies hover in forest. They play with flowers. Mt. Hayward is visible to lure adventure loving explorers. It will take 2-3 days to complete the journey to cover the whole stretch of 19 miles.

Australian Alps Walking Track

The Australian Alps Walking track is one of the best places for long distance trail for hiking. The total length of the track is 655km. When you start walking from Walhalla through Victoria, Tharwa, you will be pleased to have quick glimpses of many natural things coming your way. Don’t overlook Alpine National Park. Its visual aesthete is charming and magnificent to purify your mind. Be well prepared as it is a long expedition. You need 5 to 8 weeks to reach your last milestone.

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The Bellarine Rail Trail

In Victoria, the attractive Bellarine Rail trail is a long 32 km stretch. This route runs via Geelong to Queenscliff. Trail hikers and explores have to run past Leopold and Drysdale. The long track runs neck to neck with the broad railway rut. The serpentine railway track will be your best friend to give companionship to you during your long expedition.

Book an Australia visa through internet to ensure the peaceful trips to reach Australia for trail trekking. Online visa booking to visit five best trails in Australia is faster with little manual paperwork. If needed, contact online consultants for more guidance to overcome problems to visit Australian trails for hiking.