Toronto Election 2014 – Time To Think About Future

The time for new election campaign in Toronto has come. It is a good opportunity for residents of Willowdale to vote in a new councillor to represent their district in a city council and solve the problems of common dwellers on the highest level. New times set new requirements to the candidates like full transparency of election campaign financing and deep understanding of urgent problems of the ward. Each resident, giving a voice for a new leader must be sure that a person is worth it. Therefore, backgrounds, personal histories and business dealings of each and every candidate must be carefully examined. Any information helps to make the right, but not a random choice. It is just impossible to change the situation for the better staying indifferent.

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Despite the fact that Willowdale is a thriving district with growing economy and diverse population, which is known as not the last player in the city of Toronto politics, it does not mean that it has no problems at all. Existing transport system of the area does not meet the needs of the population, which number has increased over past years and thus, the number of commuters traveling around the city has increased in direct proportion. These traffic congestion problems must be addressed immediately without posing additional burden on local economy. The community really needs those changes as dwellers get tired from constant traffic congestion and poor condition of the roads in the area.

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Toronto Election 2014 – Time To Think About Future

When selecting a candidate to give a vote for, it is important to take into account to what party a person belongs to. The Liberal party is one of those parties, which programs are sometimes misunderstood. Here are a few beliefs of the Liberal Party candidates, which can affect the situation in Willowdale.

Equality. Canada is a country providing equal rights for all people. That is why Liberal leaders fight for the laws that protect the equality of people regardless their gender, nationality and religion in all spheres of life: in the workplace or at home.

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Democratic Representation. Liberal Party politicians believe in fair democratic elections with clear and transparent election campaigns to choose the leader a community really wants. Therefore, their main mission is to stamp out corruption in politics.

Education and Health Care. Liberals believe that every Canadian has the right to receive an affordable health care and education.

Wise man say that the society deserves the leader it has, so forthcoming elections give a ward a chance to vote for Liberal Candidate, a leader who wants and can bring those needed changes.