Child Friendly Holiday Cottage For Family Holidays

There is nothing more memorable than when a family travels together. These are some of the most precious memories that a family will retain, with pictures and stories to talk about for years after the vacation.

Often, vacations are the only time that a family will spend together uninterrupted by work or daily life situations. It is a time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. Child friendly holiday cottages are an ideal accommodation option for your vacation. They are fully furnished home rentals. They are more intimate for time together, and they allow for much larger bookings then a vacation hotel room. A cottage rental allows a family of a much larger size to rent an entire home for a moderately low cost. It comes fully furnished and ready to walk into.

A family friendly holiday cottage goes the step further to ensure that the children are not left out.  They are not just homes that do not restrict the smaller family members; they are homes that furnish with toys, play areas and outdoor areas that are designed especially with children in mind.

Encouraging areas to stretch their Legs in

Child friendly holiday cottages are situated on properties that have room for children to stretch their legs. There are yards to play in or nearby parks that are easily assessable. Designed with families and relaxation in mind, children have easy access to areas to play that require minimal supervision. They are also situated in neighborhoods that welcome children and the joy that they bring. Whether you are looking to vacation by the ocean or in a countryside scenic setting, there are family friendly homes that ensure that all members of your family enjoy their time outdoors.

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Child Friendly Holiday Cottage For Family Holidays

Room to enjoy

Holiday cottage rentals that cater to families have household rooms that are set up with children foremost in mind. While all adults can enjoy the luxurious comfortable décor, children are not excluded from the design. Additional bedrooms will contain single or double beds. Bedrooms are designed for children to relax or play in with appropriate décor inside. Breakables and other harmful decorations are reserved for the adult areas, such as the master bedrooms. Multiple beds are in some rooms where children prefer to remain together and single beds are in others for those that would rather sleep alone.

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The dining area is also meticulously planned. Living rooms and family rooms are equipped to handle the energy that children bring with them. While it is always encouraged that families respect the homes that they are renting, the furniture is designed for use of the smaller family members. Larger than average dining room tables ensure that entire families can dine together and converse about their days. Kitchens are also larger with cupboard space for bottles and other items that small children need. There is also ample cutlery and dining ware to accommodate large families or large groups of families who are travelling together.

Invited to Play

Some homes come equipped with outdoor play areas and toys set up so children can literally run outside to play as soon as they arrive. Others have amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts for entire families to enjoy while still containing safety features needed when children are in the area. Yards may also contain play or tree houses for children to enjoy as soon as they arrive. What a great way to stretch your legs after a long commute to your vacation home.

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A holiday cottage is a fantastic way to enjoy an intimate holiday. It is an ideal way to have a vacation in a new area while enjoying the one on one time with your family. They are a great alternative to hotel rooms that lack intimacy and seclusion. Hotels also have restrictions on the number of people that can stay in each suite. When you compare the price of renting multiple hotel rooms to accommodating your family, along with the expense of multiple restaurant meals per day, to the cost of renting a family sized cabin, the results may surprise you.

A family holiday cottage gives you a home away from home. You have your own home and yard. With a wide variety of options available, you can rent a cottage in the area you are looking to explore at a fraction of the cost you would have expected your vacation to be.

This article was written by Amos James, has vast experience in writing on travel, tourism and holiday cottage related topics.