Travel – Packing For A City Break

Packing for a city break can be relatively difficult. If you’re jetting off on an airplane then the chances are you’re pretty limited to what you can pack. Most short city breaks require you take only a hand luggage bag to avoid excess costs and charges. Whilst this is all good, especially for your bank account, it means you’re very limited with what you can actually take with you.

Travel - Packing For A City Break

Unlike a beach holiday, you might not know exactly what kind of weather you’re in for. You need to be prepared for potential downpours, or bursts of sunshine. Tricky, isn’t it? Here are a few top tips to help you on your way:

  1. Wear Trainers!

If you’re heading away on a city break, you’re probably going to have a lot to cram into the 3-4 days you’re likely to be spending there. Whilst those new heeled suede boots you’ve just bought are lovely, are they practical? No, probably not. A pair of trainers are not only comfy but will keep sore feet and blisters at bay.

  1. Bring Layers
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It might be freezing cold, and if you’re spending a lot of time out and about then you might want to think about bringing a sweater or two. Wear one on the plane if possible, this way it takes up less space in your limited hand luggage.

  1. Remember Essentials

Don’t forget to pack items that you use on a daily basis! If you don’t want to take your expensive glasses, you could always buy a pair of prescription glasses online that will make do for your travels. Likewise with any other expensive items such as sunglasses that you don’t want to risk losing, invest in a cheaper pair that you wouldn’t be too upset over damaging or losing.

  1. Take A Big Scarf
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A large scarf or pashmina is an important accessory to travel with! Take it on the plane with you as it can double up as handy blanket if it gets a little chilly in the cabin. It’s also great for taking out in the evening if you get a bit cold but don’t want to commit to a proper jacket! It’s a versatile piece!

  1. Don’t Forget Your Gadgets

It’s 2015, and whilst the idea of completely zoning out of all social media and internet things sounds good, for some people it’s not an option. I mean, city breaks are a perfect Instagram opportunity after all. Don’t forget to take a travel adaptor if necessary, and a big one – your phone charger!!

  1. A Suitable Bag

You’ll need a small bag to take around during the daytime that can fit your essentials such as your purse, phone and whatever else! A small cross body bag is a good option for a city break as it allows your arms to be free which is particularly helpful when taking photographs…and holding ice cream!

  1. Your Miniatures
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Got a face lotion you just can’t live without? You might want to invest in some small see-through pots or ‘miniatures’ to take your lotions away with you. All liquids must be under 100ml so this is definitely an important consideration!

Packing for a weekend away is no easy task! Hopefully these tips will help you to remember everything that you need. If you forget something, you can always pick it up at the airport so don’t panic too much, and enjoy your break!