Dave Matthews Band Tour

Dave Matthews Band Tour

You all must be familiar with a very famous rock band of the United States of America, and that is the Dave Matthew Band. This band has been so much popular since it started in 1991 in the US. This band was actually formed by the five of the founding members. None of them has even thought that they could get so much famous. But as soon as they started performing in the public. Their tickets started to sell on the high rates. Even now you can find Best Dave Matthews Band Ticket Deals on Seathub.com.It is quite obvious by this fact that how famous Dave Matthews band is. It is liked all over the country and even out of thecountryby all kind of people who have even a little bit of interest in rock music.

Rock music is nowadays liked by all age group and almost everyone knows a number of rock bands and for sure one of the name in these rock bands would be Dave Matthews. This band was formed/started in 1991 and it presently consists of 7 members and all of them are very talented and that is what makes the band most famous and likeable. Band also consisted of some other few members which by now have left the and due to unfortunate reasons.

Band Members

 Names of present Band member are as follows

  • Dave Matthews
  • Carter Beauford
  • Stefan Lessard
  • Boyd Tinsley
  • Rashawn Ross
  • Jeff Coffin

Above are the names of all the present band members of Dave Matthews and some of them in this are those whose who have been here since the start of the band and some of them joined latterly and all of them together have and intend to create more beautiful pieces of music for us to love. Some of the band members were with them at the start of the band but had to leave due to some particular reasons but still they have a little bit of part in the fame and name of theband. Names of previous or past members are

  • LeRoi Moore
  • Peter Greisar
  • Butch Taylor
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All these members have played a major role with their talents in the frame of theband. Dave Matthews himself is the guitarist as well as songwriter and singer of the band. Stefan Lessard holds the position of bassist of the band. LeRoi Moore was the saxophonist of the band but he died in 2008 due to an All-Terrain accident in his farmhouse. It was an unfortunate event and after his death, his position was acquired by Jeff Coffinwho is presently the saxophonist of the band. Carter Beauford is the backing vocalist as well as the drummer of the band. Rashawn Ross who is on trumpets/as a backing vocalist and Tim Reynolds who is aguitarist, have since quite a time become the full-time tour members of the DaveMathews band. Boyd Tinsley is also an active member of theband and works as the vocalist and violinist in the band. Rest of two former members of theband, Peter Greisar and Butch Taylor used to works as apianist as well as backing vocalist of the band. It was the effort of all the previous and current members of theband that it is such an active and famous band and is also very much loved by all the people who loves rock music. This band has by far produced the best music.

Hit Albums of Dave Matthews

All the music produced by Dave Matthews is very amazing and loved all over the world by all kind of people and it is the reason the band is appreciated this much. It is actually the combined effort of all the member of the band and also due to their amazingteamwork and this is why theband has been so successful in giving the best hit albums. Following are the names of albums and years in which they were produced by Dave Matthews

  • “Remember two things” in 1993
  • “Under the table and dreaming” in1994
  • “Crash” in 1996
  • “Before these crowded streets” in 1998
  • “Everyday” in 2001
  • “Busted stuff” in 2002
  • “Some Devil” in 2003
  • “Imagine we were” in 2005
  • “Stand Up” in 2005
  • “Big Whiskey and Groo Grux king” in 2009
  • “Away from the world” in 2012
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All these albums were liked a lot by all the fans of this band are people all over the world still listen to these albums and great fans are not willing to miss even a single concert of their favourite band which is why we are informing you now about the tour of your favourite band. So go ahead and buy Best Dave Matthews tickets deals on Seathub.com. Here you can easily buy your tickets online at the time of sale is out.

Award won by Dave Matthews band

Since we all are aware of how amazing the music is that this band produces and how much effort they put behind the production of their music. When effort behind a music album is provided resulting in an amazing piece of music then that album for sure deserves an award for that and if anyone of you has ever heard of Dave Matthews band they must have an idea that this band is really awarded deserving. And so theaccordingly band has also been awarded by some known and popular awards of music. The awards won by Dave Matthews band are

  • Grammy award in 1997 for best rock vocal performance by group and was for song “So much to say”
  • In 2002 Matthew received the Oliver Gibson award for Best Acoustic Guitarist.
  • Dave Matthews in 2004 won the best male rock vocal performance Grammy award on the basis of song “Gravedigger”
  • In 2005 Dave Matthews was awarded DMA Honoris Causa by Haverford College.
  • “Where are you going” was given the title of most played song on motion pictures.
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If you ever in your life have heard of this band you would eventually know how deserving this band is of all these awards and much more.


Band since it has been founded and since when people started appreciating it has been on a number of tours. A number of tours this band has gone over is great. Band was able to do this much tours just because of all the support and love they have gotten from the people and their fans. Without this much appreciation and support band would never have able to do this great job and would never have achieved this much fame and expect to get the same amount of support in upcoming tours and albums.

The next tour of theband starts from the 18 January 2017, so get set and be ready to buy your tickets to your favourite band’s concert. Waste no more time and buy your tickets as soon as possible before all of them could sell out. Since you don’t want to miss this great opportunity of seeing your favourite band performing live, wait no more time in buying your tickets and when tickets are so easily available to you online on seathub.com. You can get thewhole schedule of band’s tour at seathub.com and decide which one you can buy online ad since the number of tickets is limited avoid as little wastage of time as you could. Now you have the facility f buying online tickets, so buy BestDaveMatthewsticketsdealsonSeathub.com.

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