Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Without counsel, the ‘weak’ parties would suffer at the hands of powerful parties with the resources to hire teams of lawyers to cover up their negligent practices that lead to injury. This happens every day and every minute all across the nation and worldwide. It could be a car accident, a professional malpractice, poor treatments/conditions at work, etc. And when you suffer personal injury due to such reasons, the obvious solution is to get yourself a personal injury lawyer.

Why a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The truth is that any lawyer can take on any legal matter. The key word here, however, is ‘can’. But personal injury lawyers, just as the name suggests, have spend years studying personal injury cases. As such, they have a lot of benefit that they could add to your case.

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This includes:

  1. They know how to calculate and negotiate for compensation. It is no secret that personal injury cases are publicly judged by the compensation offered. Personal injury lawyers know how to calculate loss and quantify it into a figure. And this figure could mean the difference between paying off your injury bills or not.
  2. They know how to identify insurers acting in bad faith. Some insurers will not want to pay what is owed to you. They may fail to investigate the case thoroughly or even to inform you of a payout. A personal injury attorney can investigate such parties and ensure that you’re not disadvantaged.
  3. They will show where liability and cause lies. This is the bottom-line as far as personal injury cases go.
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Personal injury attorneys are well aware of the impact injury could have on an individual, including incapacitation, inflating medical bills, financial constraints, instability for your mortgaged home and insecurity for your vehicle. They fight for justice, recovering damages for all their clients. The best news is, often, you only have to pay them when they win your case.

What they do

The lawyers are experts in serving all needs from the injury victims. Their hands-on approach in handling every case is promising. They walk with you from the first stage to the end of your case.


The attorneys file your complaint for you. They also follow up on the defendant’s response, which marks the start of the case.

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Once they file your plea, they represent you on trial, where the jury or judge decides if the defendant is liable for the injury you suffer.


After the judge or jury gives the go-ahead for the case, the attorneys then gather as much info about the defendant and the particulars of the events leading to the injury. They include depositions, requests to admit facts and interrogations.

Motions and Settlement

In the event the case can be settled without going to trial, then the attorneys file a motion to settle. This involves payment of damages by the defendant to the victim.

In case of a personal injury misfortune, the team of attorneys at Cogburn Law Offices can offer you offer legal counsel and representation.

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