Ways To Secure Your First Client

Ways To Secure Your First Client

Many aspiring entrepreneurs believe that the biggest hurdle between them and their dreams is quitting their full time job. They believe lack of time to be the reason why they are not diving into their money like Scrooge McDuck. These are the type of people who always cower behind the idea of inadequate preparation, when in reality they are just not ready to take the big step and go out and find the people who need what their new business is offering.

Here we are about to discuss some ways in which you can nab your first client, then the next, the one after that and the many more that will follow.

First things First: The Product

If your product does not have substance, no how-to-guide can ever help you grow your business. This brings us to the most important aspect of acquiring clients, a pre-requisite and also the biggest hurdle that most businesses face when hunting for clients: building a credible product.

In some ways the old business cliché is quite true, ‘a good product sells itself’. The credibility of this cliché may have been hit hard by the rise in competition but it still works well to describe the importance of a good product. So, if you haven’t found much success with your product development strategy or do not believe your product to be up scratch, then that’s the part you should focus on.

If you ask accomplished businessmen they will all tell you the same thing, despite a good product, getting the first client was the hardest part. Things did not simplify much after their first client but it becomes more about your confidence in pushing the product. Slowly one client led to another and before they knew it they had more on their hands than they could handle.

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Getting into business without the right resources is like going on a fishing trip without the rod and bait. You don’t know how long it would be before your first client appears and to keep your business afloat until then you need resources. By resources we mostly mean money. If you have money you can hire the right employees and retain them at least until your business takes off. Whether you have enough money before you become a full-time entrepreneur or seek funding, you need the cash to keep going.

Seek Guidance

Every aspiring entrepreneur needs a Godfather. They are the ones who teach you about the various aspects involved in business: respect, passion, power, integrity and all the core values of your organisation. You should try to interact with them as much as you can, share with them the details of your plan and try to learn from their experience especially about maintaining a positive cash flow. They can give you invaluable insights on how to interact with your target audience and how to make them an offer they cannot refuse.

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Ever wondered where the human race would have been without communication? Communication is important for more reasons than we can comprehend and if we were to view it strictly from a business perspective, it is so important that it can make or break a deal. Communication not only involves talking to business professionals but also the interaction we have with our target audience. Both of these forms of communication are important and instrumental in the growth of a business.

People prefer doing business with those who they can trust and in order to build such a level of trust it is important to have quality interaction. The ability to have honest and effective communication will make it possible for you to seal the deal anywhere; be it a football match, on public transportation or even at clubs and parties.

Build Meaningful Partnerships

In the business world the one who sells the same product or service is not an enemy, just resourceful competition. The reason why we refer to them as resourceful competition is because they may be selling the same product but they have everything you want for yourself, the experience, the clients, respect, reach and money. If you begin to view every competitor as your enemy, who will you learn from?

Collaboration with competitors is the latest trend among start-ups. It makes perfect sense for two entities to get together and work on the same project. It is a mutually beneficial relationship as every company has something to offer that the other company does not have. In this sharing of resources and knowledge you will learn a lot about your niche.

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Focus on an Online Presence

The internet has become the second home for many people. On average a person spends at least 3-5 hours on their mobile devices accessing the internet every day. It is a platform that is being used by millions all over the world; a platform with a reach as wide as the internet should definitely be used for a professional edge and it would be nothing short of foolishness to not to utilise it.

Having a strong online presence may not deliver the desired results right away but it is sure to benefit your business in the long run. The best part about building an online presence is that you do not have to invest a lot of time or money into it. Websites can be created at almost no cost and with a little experience of your niche you can create valuable content for your target audience. You will be surprised to learn exactly how many leads you can capture with the help of a website and it is then that you will realise the true potential of the internet.

There’s a popular quote that says, ‘nothing that is worth having ever comes easy.’ It is absolutely true in the business world; a business can be as challenging as it can be rewarding.

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