Which Field Of Law Should You Specialize In?

Whether you are pursuing a degree in law or are a criminal justice major who hopes to go to law school, it is imperative that you know which field you would want to specialize in. Surprisingly, there are many branches of law that one can opt for while others are cropping up every now and then. Here are a few branches that have a high demand.

Criminal Law

You have all seen shows with courtroom drama and we know that the field of criminal law sounds the most interesting and adventurous. However, this field of specialization is a great opportunity for young lawyers to exercise their knowledge and apply it practically. Criminal lawyers are required to stay on the go for most of the time and their job is closest to managing and preserving the essence of justice. If you feel you have a knack for detail and an inherent interest in criminal cases; this form of specialization is definitely for you!


Entertainment Law

There is a facet of law that was given commonality with the Hollywood lawyer John Burke. Yes, entertainment law is indeed practicable and many young lawyers are now moving towards the field because of its great prospects! A lot of lawyers are in independent contracts with stars and therefore, they earn better than what most young associates earn while working at law firms. This specialization is perfect for people who wish to be a part of the more social aspect of the law.

Which Field Of Law Should You Specialize In

Aviation Law

One other specialization that you could go for is aviation law. Not a lot of people choose this field of law because of its technical nature. However, it is very rewarding once you get the gist of it and see that the returns are great both monetarily and mentally. However, only people who enjoy a more technical approach to law are advised to choose this aspect as their main specialization in the legal field.

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Intellectual Property Law

There is an up and coming aspect of the law known as the Intellectual Property Law. This kind of law helps protect ideas, inventions and other creations that you do not want anyone else to copy. This even includes the means through which you achieve a particular goal. The protection that this provides to the citizen is commendable and lawyers have a tough time proving the ownership of intangible goods. However, the legislation and precedent on this subject is interesting and students who enjoy a good challenge in their field of work are suggested to choose intellectual property law.

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Family Law

Family law is a great arena of law that includes matters of divorce, custody, proprietary settlements and various other matters. It is usually suggested lawyers start with family law in order to learn the most they can about the field.

However, you must look into factors such as the salary, the geographical constraints and even your interests before you jump into a specialization. It is primarily important that you choose something that you can efficiently do, because that is what will ultimately hold your interest as well.

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