5 Fabulous Natural Attractions in and Around Bergamo

The Province of Bergamo has a remarkable spirit. Sometimes it’s hasteless and leisurely, but more often it’s passionate and burning being at the same time soft and gentle as the very first kiss of love.
Indeed, Bergamo is like a seductive coquette able to make everyone fall in love with her. Someone will be attracted by gorgeous architecture of Bergamo, someone by its delicious cuisine or great shopping opportunities, but absolutely everyone won’t be able to resist the beauty of its natural attractions!

Iseo Lake

On the banks of Iseo Lake, you’ll have a delightful opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery and amazingly diverse landscapes from rocky cliffs overlooking calm waters of the lake to cozy olive groves and picturesque villages.


The very first thing that catches the eye is a large island of Monte Isola located in the middle of the lake. It has an interesting form that reminds a huge dragon fang sticking out of cool lake waters. In fact, Monte Isola is considered the highest lake island in Europe!

The wonderful lake of Iseo is located in only 40 km from the city of Bergamo, but for some reason it’s not very popular among tourists. Perhaps the main reason for absence of visitors is the lack of advertising. On the other hand, it only makes Iseo Lake more attractive, especially for lovers of a quiet holiday.

So, what to do at the lake Iseo?

Iseo offers its visitors a large range of diverse water and mountain activities from unhasting relaxing strolls along the banks of the lake to exciting boat trips and hiking tours. Although, there is a number of beach resorts with good infrastructure, swimming isn’t very popular mainly because of the relatively cold waters.

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Local cuisine is worth special mention. It is very doubtful that you have ever tried something more delicious than local dishes!

Orobie Bergamasche Natural Park

Orobie Bergamasche Natural Park is a severe kingdom of towering mountains ruled by proud eagles and mountain goats. Here in the mountains, you’ll get a truly unique opportunity to test yourself and to see the limits of your capabilities and hiking skills. Mountains will challenge you and will make you stronger and more confident.

But don’t try to fight the mountains of Orobie Bergamasche, instead, feel and absorb them and perhaps you’ll perceive something important and elusive, something you would never understand staying inside your warm apartment.


If you aren’t an experienced hiker, you still can enjoy beautiful scenery of the Orobie Bergamasche Natural Park. You just need to choose the right route. In fact, there are paths suitable even for kids.

The Orobie Bergamasche is located in about 50 km north from Bergamo and is easily reachable by car. The only problem that might appear is where to get the car. It’s better to start your preparation for holidays in advance and book the car online while you are at home. In this case, the car will be waiting for you at the terminal right upon your arrival. Do you want to make a cheap deal with a world’s leading car provider? Simply follow the link: http://italy.rentalcars24h.com/bergamo-airport

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Endine Lake

Endine is a small lake with the length of only 6 km located near Iseo Lake in about 35 km from Bergamo. Calm and peaceful atmosphere of Endine Lake and its serene landscapes attract lovers of secluded holiday from the whole country.


This small lake is surprisingly rich in wildlife hiding among the reeds. Endine is a favourite spot of local fishermen and it isn’t surprising, because the waters of the lake literally teem with different species of fish. In addition, there aren’t many tourists and no one will spoil the beauty of fishing early in the morning.

Endine has a few small beaches well-equipped for qualitative recreation. Here tourists can take a boat trip, ride a paddle boat or watch wild birds.

In the nearest villages and towns, tourists can find some nice museums, spa complexes and many recreational opportunities. If you have a car, you can drive 15 km to the south and visit Valpredina Nature Reserve.

But the real pride of the region is the medieval castle of Suardis built in 13-14th centuries. You’ll find it in Bianzano village, which is in 5 km from the Lake Endine. The castle is famous for its beautiful garden with many rare plants from around the world. In the summer, the castle is filled with the scent of jasmine. Especially strong flavour is in the inner courtyard of the castle, where many species of this fragrant plant are.

If you don’t have an opportunity to drive 30-50 km to see Endine or Iseo or simply don’t want to travel outside Bergamo, you still can enjoy the beauty of the nature within city limits. All you need is to visit the right places, among which are Lorenzo Rota Botanical Gardens and Le Cornelle Zoo.

Lorenzo Rota Botanical Gardens

Despite its small sizes, the Lorenzo Rota Botanical Gardens can boast of a rich collection of more than 900 species of plants including carnivorous ones.

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The gardens were opened in 1972 and are named after physician and botanist Lorenzo Roth, who first described and classified local flora.

The great thing about visiting the gardens is that they are located in the upper town of Bergamo and here you can not only watch different plants, but also enjoy wonderful views of the city.

La Cornelle Zoo

Today, the La Cornelle covers an area of 100 thousand square meters and has about 120 species of animals including mammals, birds and reptiles.


Visitors can watch some rare species such as white lions and tigers, snow leopards, Bennett’s tree-kangaroos, red-crowned cranes, and mandarin ducks. There are also alligators from Mississippi and geckos from Madagascar.

The Zoo has a well-developed tourist infrastructure represented by five bars, one restaurant and pizzeria, playground for kids and souvenir shop. Here, you won’t even notice how two hours of your excursion have passed.

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