5 Things To Keep In Mind To Host The Best Outdoor Party Ever

Who would not love to enjoy the warm outdoors and soak up the sun when the weather permits? Being outdoors not only allows you to breathe in fresh air and grab some much needed exercise, but is also extremely refreshing and rejuvenating after hectic days and nights at work.

Outdoor entertainment may not always be the easiest option when having your friends over or when inviting your extended family for a get together on a weekend. But with a little planning it is something that you can easily pull off.

If you happen to live in a place that has distinct climates then a get together to make the most of the few months of sunshine will be enjoyed by all.

Games and fun activities will keep you engaged. In addition to outdoor games you can also plan more elaborate camping trips and picnics as well.

5 Things To Keep In Mind To Host The Best Outdoor Party Ever

Here are a few tips for you to live it up in the openness.

1) Host a Delicious Potluck Lunch

When the weather is at its best, a potluck BBQ will help you have delicious food while savoring the outdoors. You can organize a weekend potluck by your pool or in your yard which will serve as the perfect setting, especially if you have an outdoor kitchen.

Barbeques are relished by everyone, especially during warmer months when you have the best opportunity to make the most of outdoor grilling activities. Potluck will help you keep your food costs down and bring in variety to the gastronomic spread.

If you want to organize a bigger gathering then you can reserve a gazebo or party area in a nearby park or recreation spot. Make sure that you choose locations that offer convenience and ease of use to guests, more so if you will be having kids over.

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Ensure there are adequate restrooms for all guests and children to use. Chairs and other seating arrangements should be sufficient for all guests, of all ages. If you feel that the party will run late then ensure that there will be adequate lighting as well. Party planners prefer globe string lights, tea lights and hurricane lanterns that give off a magical warm glow.

2) Food Matters

Great outdoor parties are marked by equally fantastic food. If you are hosting summer get-togethers ensure that you have as much fresh and seasonal food as possible on the table. Freshly harvested produce brings the smells and flavors of summer to the table and help guests enjoy delicious, healthy and varied dishes.

Also, try to keep your food spread light and non-greasy. Heavy and fatty meals will make your guests feel groggy on hot summer days, so as much as possible keep the fare light and easy on the tummy. Grilled meat and veggies, and salads make for great options.

Cool refreshments fly off the table no sooner than you replace them. Ensure that your refrigerator is stocked up on signature drinks and coolers. A couple of standard drinks will help keep things organized, along with a variety of beers and other popular choices.

A beverage station will help conversations flow and allow your guests to mix their own drinks. An insulated cooler is essential for ice cubes to be used in drinks. A large metal pail loaded with ice can hold cans and bottles that your guests can just grab and go.

Yummy nibblers can be placed as accompaniments to beers. Skewered fruits, roasted or spiced nuts, and other snacks like salsa and tortilla chips make for great sides.

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The key to getting it right is to plan ahead to ensure that things are easy for your guests.

3) Sort out the Entertainment

Entertaining your guests can be a bit of a challenge when hosting a large outdoor party. Plan games and events that will tie in well with the theme of your party.

A tropical themed party can have fair bit of fun when guests dress up in their tropical best and you have menus planned around the theme.

If you are organizing your party in picturesque nature parks, try to incorporate a short fishing or hiking trip as well. During specific months parks also organize seasonal game hunting trips for visitors. You can think along those lines if your guests will be interested in getting out in the wilderness. Keep in mind that you should have sufficient supply of required gears like guns, spotting scopes and rifle scopes for hunting etc. Many suppliers offer simple, safe and easy to use products. Be sure that you have a valid hunting license, give safety top priority and are obeying the law.

Elaborate outdoor activities like hiking, camping, trekking or fishing may take up more time than planned. So have enough food and drinks stocked up to last the entire event.

Handheld fans and ice-cold compresses made from washcloths will help your guests cool down and stay comfortable. Wet wipes, bottles of sunscreen lotion, hats and bug sprays will ensure your guests enjoy their stay outdoors.

4) Plan for Unpredictable Weather

Warm summer days and balmy nights are welcome, but do plan for unexpected summer showers!

When sending out invites mention what your plans for the evening will be in case it pours. A game night indoors or a movie marathon with popcorn can be your option.

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Also do prepare for nights that can get chilly as the party progresses. A supply of a few warm shawls and light blankets will help you sail through with no glitches.

5) Keep Mosquitos and Bugs Away

Mosquitos, bugs and outdoor insects can mar the ambience of an outdoor party. To ensure that things do not get out of hand, try these tricks to keep bugs, creepies and crawlies at bay.

Standing water whether in swimming pools, rain gutters or flower pots acts as breeding ground for mosquitos. So launch on a cleanup drive a week before your event to remove stagnant water and clean things up in the yard.

Mosquitos and other common bugs do not have very strong wings. Set up a few fans and they will be sufficient to keep the surrounding area mosquito-free. A tabletop fan or two should be placed on the table where food is laid out to keep insects away.

Offer bug repellent creams and wipes to your guests. If you feel that things will get tough when the lights are on at night, install bug repellant gadgets that are highly effective in keeping mosquitos at bay.


Outdoor events and parties require more planning and thought than indoor get-togethers, but they are not impossible to pull off. Don your party-planner hat and keep the above mentioned points in mind to create a memorable get-together for your family and friends.

Author: “Judith Wright is a blogger who shares her perspectives, views and opinions on outdoor and adventurous activities, travel and sports via blogging. She loves trekking and hunting very much.”