Tasmanian Travelling: TOP Places To Visit In Hobart

Hobart is a capital of Tasmania – the smallest Australian state, situated on the separate island of on the South of Green Continent. This is a small city with the population of 200 thousands of people. The city combines historical charm and cultural variety. Of course, the city is not big. You need minimum three days to learn all popular city sights, making your own impression of it, enjoying Tasmania at all.

On the Go

You should start meeting Tasmania from the historical center – Salamanca Place. The long lines of Georgian shops made of sand stones were rebuilt in theatres, galleries, restaurants and modern boutiques. It looks interesting. The markets work on weekend: fresh food and Tasmanian souvenirs are the best. You can try interesting dishes, glass of Tasmanian wine, aromatic coffee in the numerous restaurants.

Looking for ancient villas and fish houses you should go to Battery Point – the oldest suburb of Hobart. If you are aimed to see the beauty of nature, you should visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, where the ancient trees grow. Meet the only one in the world Sub Antarctic Greenhouse. Are you tired? You can book a sea voyage or climb the mountain by car or on foot. The views are amazing!


Touch the history and culture of Tasmania and Australia in Tasmanian Museum of Arts. Never miss your chance to enjoy the greatest concert of Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Looking for jazz, it is better to find it in the evening bars and pubs of Salamanca.

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There are many interesting city sight in Hobart and in suburbs. Going 30 minutes far from Hobart to Richmond, you can see the oldest Australian jail. Try to walk down the stony streets to have a picnic on the Coal River banks. Coming back, you should make a stop to visit one of many wine factories of the Coal Valley, where you can try the tastiest aromatic wines for good price.

There is a cozy little city Kettering not far from Hobart. You can spend a great morning here, having dinner on the yacht or fish boat. You can also hire a ferry to get to the Bruny Island that is famous of its mountains and little penguins in the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve.

Seven Miles Beach

The Seven Mile Beach is one of the most popular places for beach rest in Tasmania and its capital – Hobart. The beach is situated 15 kilometers far to the East. You can easily get there by bus or using your own car. The beach is popular of its huge territory, admirable landscapes, historical places and entertainments. As far as the territory is big, there are no crowds of people here.

The beach is secured by the Tasmanian Security Service. The beach territory is clean: gold sand and fresh air. The water is powder-blue. The sea views are amazing. You can meet dolphins, eagles and salt splashes. Speaking about entertainments in the beach, there are many of them. If you like surfing, diving, or horse riding, you can do it right here. Try to have a long walk along the sea shore, enjoying the sea sounds. There is a big hotel, restaurants and cafes along the beach territory. You can go shopping here.

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Tasmania: Hobart to Port Arthur

Tasmanian Cuisine and Restaurants

The Tasmanian restaurants are full of English gastronomy traditions because of close and tight history of English-Australian connections. As far as Tasmania is full of international emigrants, you can find restaurants of all cuisines of the world in Hobart. The TOP local products are seafood: salmon, exotic fish, different mussels, oysters, shells. Tasmania and Australia are famous of their smelly wines, light alcohol drinks and local beer. Such popular brands as Cascade and Boag’s are well-known all over the country.

Want to try more? – Go to King Island! This island is famous if its cheese factories. Hobart is famous of its chocolate factory Cadbury. Speaking about Tasmanian food in general, never miss your chance to try exclusive Tasmanian honey. It is made of flower pollen of leatherwood. The plant is aromatic and useful. Use it in good health!

Tasmanian Salmon + bacon - Apte AUD15.50+AUD3

Tasmanian Shopping and Shopping Centers

As you know, Tasmania was isolated from civilized life for many years. The past of the country was strongly colonial: you can find many ancient things here: antique furniture, interior items, silver goods, books, coins and porcelain. The most popular products are furniture, made of exotic wood, like myrtle and cowrie. The most of antique shops offer their services to deliver goods far abroad. Never miss visiting the biggest antique market in Hobart – The Antiques Market.

There are many art galleries, hand craft workshops. As a matter of fact, Tasmania boasts with the fantastic amount of talented people! They can do incredible things. Tasmania is also popular of its woolen clothes. You can find woolen spinning and ready clothes. Do not forget about food souvenirs: fresh products. Of course, it can be really problematic to get food souvenirs. Nevertheless, pay your attention to wine bottles and cheers of cheese. What a nice present!

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Tasmanian Transport

The most popular way of travelling in Hobart is travelling by car. You can hire a car in Hobart in one of numerous rental car services. It is enough to have your driving license and credit card. Remember that Australia has left-hand drive. Using safety belts are obligatory for all drivers. Be careful, driving at night: there are many wild animals on the road of all kinds and sizes. The roads of Australia are mostly serpentinous. You cannot go faster that 100 kilometer per hour. Watch your time, please! The next popular way of travelling in Tasmania is bicycle. There are many special services all over the city. You can go cycling on your own, or join the group of tourists.


Travelling to Harbor, you can meet many impressive views: naked nature, strange animals, aborigines; culture, European heritage and many other moments. This is your bright memory about the Australian journey and impressive adventures.

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