Upright Freezers Vs Chest Freezers

When the freezer space in your refrigerator isn’t big enough, buying a separate freezer just makes good sense. The choices for separate freezer space include upright freezers and chest type freezers, each with its own set of advantages. Chest freezers are simpler, take up more space and have fewer options. Since they have a lot more features that allow you to customize their use, the  best upright freezers may cost quite a bit more than the larger chest freezers. Even so, choosing the right model for your needs can make the choice of an upright freezer a more efficient and effective one for you.

Upright Freezers Vs Chest Freezers

A Matter of Space

For the sake of saving space, many people choose to put their upright freezers in a different location than their kitchen. They can be placed in the corner of a basement, the garage or in a utility room where they don’t get in the way. The fact that upright freezers take up more vertical space makes them more convenient when space is limited. In addition, some of the best upright freezers come with a reversible door so you can put it in that out-of-the-way corner and access it from the side that makes it more convenient for you.

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Cost of Operation

If you purchase an upright freezer so you can store grocery items purchased in bulk or while they are on sale so they are available whenever you need them, the last thing you want to do is choose one that takes so much energy to run that you end up taking a loss. Like most major appliances, some of the best upright freezers on the market today are Energy Star certified because they use less energy. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or temperature control to get the best energy use. An upright freezer that allows you to mechanically adjust the thermostat and which has a wide range of temperature capabilities will allow you to maintain it at the temperature you need while still getting the best bang for your buck!

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If you want an upright freezer that you can stack pizzas in and nothing else, there is little concern about how easy it will be to organize the contents. Most people will use their freezer space to store a variety of items of different shapes and sizes. Consider which uprights have the shelves and/or baskets made into them that will make organizing the contents easier for you. Choosing the best upright freezers for organization depends on the plans of the individual who will be using it.

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Best Materials

The best upright freezers are made of the best materials for maximum performance and durability. Stainless steel freezers may cost more than those made of plastic, but they are also among the more durable and they have a beautiful appearance that doesn’t fade or rust over time. If you are going to invest in an upright, you should choose from the best upright freezers for features, appearance and compatibility with your space combined.