Biscotti Thins: Things One Should Know

Biscotti thins or commonly known as Biscotti refer to the twice-cooked cookies or biscuits. These cookies originated in the Prato city of Italy. Biscotti thins are basically almond biscuits which are shaped similar to a four-sided figure. Biscotti thins are prepared by cutting the piece of dough which is still hot and fresh and has been baked in the oven. The cut pieces of biscotti thin are then dried so as to make them crispy and crunchy. The cookies got their name i.e. Biscotti due to the reason that these are cooked or baked twice. Such types of cookies or biscuits are especially useful during journeys as these remain dry for long periods of time and hence remain fresh and consumable for longer time periods. Let us now look at some of the points or things, which must be known to a person using Biscotti thins.


Preparation by Double Baking Process

As stated above, Biscotti thins are prepared by double-baking or cooking of the dough so as to enhance the longevity of the Biscotti thins. The cookies or biscuits which are popularly called as Biscotti are prepared by cutting the hot dough into desired four-sided shape so as to get dry and crunchy tinge in them. These are basically prepared by using almonds as their main ingredients.

Biscotti Thins: Things One Should Know

After-dinner Dessert of Italy

Biscotti thins are served as an after-dinner dessert with a drink in the Italy. It is due to the reason that Biscotti thins are quite dry and hence can be dipped or dinked in the drink so as to make them consumable. These are served with Tuscan equipped wine called as Vino Santo in Italy. Apart from wine, these may also be consumed along with coffee, black tea, cappuccinos and lattes.

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Topped and Simple Biscotti Thins

Biscotti thins may be prepared in their simple form or decorated by using some topping materials such as nuts etc. Simple or plain biscotti thins are very easy to prepare. For decorated ones, you may use your favourite nuts or other toppings so as to get the delicious cookies.

Varying Tastes

Biscotti thins are available in different tastes. It is due to varying tastes of different people. You can get Biscotti thins in almost all types of flavours such as chocolate, almond, cranberry pistachio, Cinnamon Hazelnut, Cinnamon Sugar, Spring Biscotti, Anise Biscotti, mint biscotti and many more. Although all types of biscotti thins are prepared using same procedure however these have varying flavours to offer to the food lovers.

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Nutritious Form of Cookies

Biscotti thins doesn’t serve the purpose of just a form of dessert or cookies only. Rather these helps in providing apt nutrition as well to the consumers. It is because different types of toppings or flavouring agents which are used to decorate these cookies offer great nutritional value and hence promote good health of human beings.

Being familiar with these facts about Biscotti thins will certainly attract you towards these delicious and nutritious cookies. You must definitely give them a try and incorporate these in your regular meals in the form of snacks or desserts or in whatever form you wish to.