Stay Cool In Your Smashing Summer Wig

The new you is cool. The sun is shining hot, so keeping yourself fresh and fabulous is all about choosing the right wig, and following a few helpful tips and tricks. Summer is short, but the days are long and you need to be out and glamorous for every bright moment.

Not all is sweet under the heat though. Choose a wig with a shorter bob to avoid over-heating. Take a light colour that reflects the heat. If you love your long style, then do as you did with your hair before. Be creative – thousands of techniques exist to de-volumise the base. Braid your wig or choose a low updo, these are two attractive options.

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Beautiful model red with curly hair

Capless wigs are a big deal, lightweight and lush, these wigs are designed to allow airflow and all-day comfort.  Capless wigs are the classic base model, also known as ‘open wefted wigs’. The weft on a wig is the string of fiber to which the hair is sewn. Open wefted wigs tend to be machine-sewn and owe their name to the large spacing between the strings. This also makes them cheaper to produce on the wig scale.

Get down with cheap, but be advised. Open wefted wigs can look fake. Often, capless wigs are only used at fashion runways because the hair has a tendency to lose quality after use.  Buy the higher end of the capless scale and you’ll be looking at a beautiful head of hair that breathes thanks to that open design.

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Heat, it’s a love/suffer relationship. We sweat more during times we wear less. Perspiration is natural, but just be sure to wash your wig regularly and avoid stains or discolouration. Washing after 5 uses is recommended. Wigs can also succumb to the sun so be sure to spray a leave-in-conditioner on your wig to keep the shine in every strand.

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If a warm cup of milk helps you get drowsy, try sleeping with milk on your head. It may sound funky, but specialty turbans made of milk fibres are so light you’ll easily beat the heat. This special comfort headwear is breathable and sweat absorbing, giving you the best of both worlds.

Hats and scarves are winter accessories, but wear them in summer and you’ll be amazed by their cool versatility. Scarves keep the sun at bay while a fancy straw hat can add stunning style.

So feel free to be comfortable; your summer options abound. Never sacrifice satisfaction for fashion.