Chin and Cheek Implant Compensation Claims

In situations where a patient has been physically or psychologically injured by a chin or cheek implant procedure, it is often the case that they are entitled to make a compensation claim. Medical professionals offering different services are required to provide their patients with a high level of care and attention to ensure that they receive the results they deserve, and this means that those failing to do so are liable to pay compensation to victims.

Unfortunately, all cosmetic surgery procedures do involve an element of risk, and this level of risk is taken into account by cosmetic surgery solicitorsbefore they pursue a compensation claim. For example, in situations in which the medical team provided adequate information regarding the risks before the treatment took place, and then provided the required level of care, it is unlikely that the victim of the injuries will be in a position to make a compensation claim.

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Chin and Cheek Implant Compensation Claims

Types of Chin and Cheek Implant Claim

There are many different types of chin and cheek implant compensation claim that can be prompted by a number of different risks. Some of the more common risks associated with the treatment include:

  • Severe pain and discomfort post-procedure
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Numbness and loss of sensitivity
  • Infection and disfigurement caused by lack of treatment
  • Nerve damage to the face
  • Loss of muscle sensitivity

In many of these cases, the patient is likely to be able to claim for a physical injury, although some will also provide the patient with a claim for psychological; suffering, which is a common side effect of unexpected physical injuries.

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Claiming Compensation

Due to the nature of the claim, it is vital that all possible claimants visit an independent medical professional prior to pursuing a compensation claim. Not only will this help to establish the extent of the problems, but it will also ensure that the medical issues are caused by negligence rather than by unavoidable risks of the surgery. The results of this consultation will then be used as evidence by the personal injury solicitor.

There are many different types of personal injury solicitor in the UK but the most effective in chin and cheek implant claims are those with a background in successful medical negligence claims. This can be of any variety, but often involve the negligence of one or multiple medical professionals when providing medical treatments to patients.

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Within medical negligence cases it is easy to establish the professionals who are responsible for the injuries due to the records kept at medical clinics, but it is not always easy to prove that the injuries were due to avoidable errors rather than unexpected and unavoidable problems within the surgery. If a personal injury lawyer fails to establish that it was the medical professional who caused the injuries due to a lack of care, or failed to provide a detailed list of risks, then the claimant will not be entitled to claim compensation. If this established, however, then it is likely the case will be successful.