Qualifying For Breast Implant Compensation Claims

Any invasive surgery comes with a certain level of risk and possible complications, but it is the responsibility of the conducting medical professional to make every attempt to minimise any and all risks to their patient. Unfortunately, there are situations where medical professionals do not take this responsibility as seriously as they should and as a result their negligent behaviour can cause serious physical and emotional complications for the patient.


What is Breast Implant Surgery and How Does it Work?

Breast implant surgery is most often undergone purely for cosmetic reasons, but there are also some medical situations that will require the procedure, e.g. after a mastectomy due to a diagnosis of breast cancer, or to correct a genetic abnormality the causes the breasts to be different sizes. Breast implants are small sacs with an elastomer shell and are usually filled with either a silicone gel or a sterile saline solution. Generally breast implants will come in three sizes and the size that is used will depend entirely on the physical frame of the patient and the outcome that they wish to achieve. Some implants are pre-filled but generally speaking the implant will be surgically implanted into the breast and then blown up in situ to increase the size to that desired by the patient.

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Possible Complications of Breast Implant Surgery

Some of the most common physical complications that can arise from breast implant surgery due to surgical negligence include a loss of sensation in the breast and surrounding tissue, a stiffening of the shoulders, the implant deflating, prominent and unnessary scarring, as well as a serious consequence referred to as capsular contradiction. This is when the breast becomes hard and painful due to an inappropriate implant being inserted and a pocket of blood or fluid forming around it. There are also significant psychological complications that can arise from an incorrectly performed procedure or a doctor providing mis-information or giving unreasonable expectations of the final outcome. Having to live with uneven breasts or breast that have prominent scars all over them can have a dramatic effect on a woman’s self-esteem. The decrease in confidence can affect the quality of life of the victim and their family as they may be less willing to attend social occasions, as well as preventing them from returning to work, and the isolation this will cause in the long run could result in the victim suffering further complications such as severe depression and anxiety.

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Am I Eligible to Make a Claim?

If you have suffered a personal injury at the hands of surgical negligence then you may be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim. If you can prove beyond doubt that the person or organisation that was supposed to be responsible for ensuring your safety and well-being failed to do this, and you were injured because of their behaviour then there is a good chance you have a strong case for compensation.