Stretch Wrapping Is Secure and Cost Effective – Know More

Logistics service companies are likely to score high on the area of customer satisfaction once they succeed in building a reputation of not delivering goods in no less than their perfect condition. Manufacturing quality is certainly affected and diminished if the delivery chain doesn’t support effectively till the goods reach the end user. This has always been proved in the customer surveys. Prior to leaving the warehouse or factory, the carriers need to ensure that they have indeed secured the load of the palette in the right way. All logistics operation services ought to consider this key aspect if they wish to develop their reputation as an efficient logistics partner.

A pallet load is more secured and stabilized when the usual method of stretch wrap film is used. Automated machines are often used to add layers of film all over the pallet packaging; it can even be done manually. In this way, the load is protected from various contaminants, moisture and dust besides being secured. The unit load items are prevented from offering an easy access to the opportunist thieves besides offering some resistance towards tampering.

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Using stretch wrap is a common practice for most companies. That’s probably the reason why they don’t monitor how efficiently they’re using it. This is certainly an area wherein a business can make significant cost cutting, but they are overlooking it due to this outcome.

Stretch Wrapping Is Secure and Cost Effective – Know More

How is Stretch Wrapping Done?

Wrapping of this sort is naturally performed to hold products and different types of loads on the pallet for the purpose of storage and shifting. Specialty films worth a wide variety are used for stretch wrapping.


What are the Advantages of Stretch Wrapping?

Protective- Wrapping of this type is considered secured as they prevent moisture and dust particles from reaching the product. Options of UV films may even help protect the product from Sun.

Economical- Compared to pallet wrapping of other types, it’s certainly less expensive to go for stretch wrapping. You’ll find a few good options by clicking this link –

Adaptable- Stretch wrap involves films of multiple ranges for every application. This type of wrapping is considered ideal for various kinds of surfaces.

Equipment Availability

Manual wrappers – These wrappers use a film extension for developing an extended core that forms a handle. A break resistance system associated with the mechanical brakes provides a support structure. To ensure a simpler use, some extended pole is used by the pole wrappers.

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Stretch wrap machines are guided while wrapping beyond 15 loads a day. Much of the efficiency is enhanced and wastage curbed with the help of stretch wrap machines.

Semi wrappers– Turntable wrappers are included in automatic machines so that the turntable holds the load as a vertically moving film is used to wrap it. Wrappers with rotary arms are used to cover a load that stands still.  A rotation ring of film is used to feed the load when orbital wrappers are used.

Automatic wrappers – Few automatic machines and conveyers are used to segregate and cover the stretch wrap.

An efficient stretch wrapping company will keep the customers’ interest in mind and build their reputation over time. You may visit the following site for more information in this regard –