Body Language Tips To Make Anyone Like You

It may be your first interview day, Meeting respectful people, other strangers, and making some good friends around you. Every situation has a different way of behavior, sometimes you automatically changes when you see some respectful people.

So there are some important things you must know, where common mistakes happen regularly with your behavior prevent them happening again.

Smile on Your Face

Never flash an immediate greeting smile with anyone you meet new, smile is a bit spot relationship between each other’s so decent smile is really good when you meet new people. You can immediately judge the other person seeing for 1 or 2 seconds. Sometimes it may be less than 1 second to judge another or yourself.

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Talking with your Eyes

When you get sudden contact with anyone in front of you, the expressions on your face mostly attracts others with your eyes and smile. Your eyes play many situations to help you, for example, like, you can say sorry, please, thank you, help me and many other expressions.

Don’t break the eye contact still the conversation is finished. Respond as per the situation, these techniques will help you keep more intelligent and attractive to others.

Body Language Tips To Make Anyone Like You

Behavior According to the Situation

Your behavior varies in many different situations. When unknown person talks to you make your full attention towards them, turn completely towards them, maintain little distance, speak confidently with a little smile on your face.

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Your behavior is your weapon, it shows your style presentation, before people talking with you.

Dressing Style

Way of clothing shows what kind of people we are, it come, according to the situation, well it may be the occasion, Office, Party and so on. For example, if you are at the Beach party wearing shorts, colorful shirts, this won’t make you any big difference, But it is really important in some particular places it maybe your office, or and gran occasion.

Don’t even try to get over smart dressing, speaking useless things which are actually not necessary, your hair style and also your walking style too.

Say Hello! Old Friend

When you meet someone new, just think that he was your old friend and say Hello Old Friend. Make sure According to Lowndes, this will make a lot of subconscious reactions in your body like softening of your eyebrows and full heart of happiness to speak with them. An added benefit to this technique is that when you act as though you like someone. No one will regret your words when speak with full happiness in your heart this will shows your attitude to others.            

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