Important Tips To Keep In Mind In The Maintenance Of Construction Equipment

If you think that cleaning and maintaining a piece of construction equipment is easy and should not bear much thought, you’d be both right and wrong at the same time. It is indeed easy (it requires some work – but it’s easy), but it does require some further thought. After all, having a great maintenance method not only allows you to make a quick job of what could otherwise be burdensome, it also extends the lifespan of your equipment and therefore gives your investment a much better return. As mentioned, it’s quite straightforward and requires nothing more than a little bit of scheduling and experienced technique. Here are some important tips to keep in mind in the maintenance of construction equipment.

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Your Schedule is Important

If you truly believe that maintenance and cleaning is important and that it pays off in the long term; if you truly agree that it is something that should be done regularly, you should have no problems fixing in some time on the calendar reserved for this.

Here’s why it’s neat to have a regular schedule: the time it takes to do it is very minimal when done consistently, and it avoids unscheduled breakdowns. What’s more, it’s easy to plan and keep track of, so the accounting of it is easy.

Take Care of the Grease

Grease is a necessary evil. It allows moving parts to go smoothly and therefore increases the efficiency of the machine – but it tends to be sticky and attracts a lot of dirt. And once this piles up, a bundle of dirt that has been at a certain place for a few days can be hard to remove. Focus on the moving parts.

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Figure Out where you’ll Clean

Your pressure cleaner has a certain pressure – and some parts of the machine may receive too much pressure, or not enough.

Focus on the Tracks

Moving parts are important – and that goes double for the tracks of the machine. They take the brunt of the weight and are often abused. Cleaning them will allow you to spot issues sooner.

Perhaps most important when it comes to maintaining heavy equipment is the main tool you will use: you’ll need a high pressure cleaner, and you should always make sure the person who operates it has the right knowledge regarding products to be used, pressure, temperature, and power source.

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Chemicals have to conform to site regulations, there’s an optimum temperature for grease stains, and a gas power source means it’s portable and can be used on site. Your maintenance equipment, such as your high pressure cleaner, needs to be chosen carefully. It’s about getting the most out of your machines, after all. But if you would like to do away with the chore of maintenance (and spend less money overall), you can always turn to plant hire Preston services offered by Ruttle.

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