Best 10 Romantic Gifts That Will Make Him Love You Always

Okay ladies, It is normal to desire showing your man how much you appreciate him. But what happens when you can’t figure out the right romantic gift to express this feeling?

I had the same problem, which made me research gift ideas that carry that romantic effect that one needs every now and then.

Here are the top 10 romantic gifts that I have shortlisted for my man; try them, they work!

1. Cannabis Candles

I know it sounds strange, but do you know this is legal? Get his senses intoxicated the legal way by using this unique cannabis candle.

It comes in various fragrances, which makes it ideal for that romantic dinner you were planning. Select from the relaxing flower blend, woodsy notes, and citrusy to fill your whole room with a light but masculine scent that makes it just perfect for men.

2. Get Lucky Dice

This is one of the interesting gifts for romantic couples that I saw on It makes getting lucky as easy as rolling a dice. It usually comes as a set of four dice, each with different words inscriptions on them:  words for action, speech, and body parts.

Who knows what will come up when he rolls the dice, so be prepared for a long romantic evening with him.

3. Sexy Truths or Dare

This is the classic truth or dare game with a sexy upgrade that makes it something that he will find lovable. There are 50 sticks usually on this game and each of them holds an erotic truth on one side and a dirty dare on the other.

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Just make sure there is enough to eat and drink at home because this promises to be a very busy and interesting day for both.

4. Personalized Boxers

There are wonders that you can carry out with cute boxers. Imagine getting him silky boxers, or a set of personalized white boxers with “Was Here”, “Property Of” prints that will have your name and a kiss to seal it.

Of course he will have to try this on once he gets it, and what could be more romantic than seeing him walking around the house in boxers that have your name and sign on them.

Best 10 Romantic Gifts That Will Make Him Love You Always

5. Missing Piece Puzzle Necklace

You can use this pendant to romantically remind him that: “You are the missing piece to my puzzle”, “You complete me” and so on.

This will not be complete except both pieces are put together. So you will hold on to a part while he will have the completing end of the puzzle.

6. Award/trophy

You know how awesome is it to receive awards and trophies, irrespective of how great or little they may be. Now tell me, when last did you receive one?

Why not brighten up his year with a series of trophies. There isn’t much to it; all you need is to figure out a list of certain awards that will be related to him. Of course you know your relationship better, which makes you the best person to decide what awards would be meaningful for him.

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Make sure it isn’t just a title out of the blue; you could even come up with some of the naughty romantic titles that you both share secretly in the room.

Walk into a trophy shop today with all your romantic ideas and craft out few trophies for him.

7.  Love Coupons

Use this to create some romantic quests in your relationship. Make up few coupons that will be redeemable prior to certain activities.

Now the choice is all yours to take advantage of the coupons, you should add some acts that will benefit you, him, and then the both of you. Make sure you don’t end up being selfish here ?.

For example, you can have breakfast in bed, chore free weekend, slave for a day, back massage, and other interesting indoor romantic options.

8. Movie Treat

There are a few ways to achieving this. I once treated my man to an evening of movie at home and it was fun. I made plans for some home baked cakes and pastries a night before, and prepared a kind of camp tent in the sitting room.

We just cuddled under the tent with snacks and drinks while we watched romantic evergreen movies all evening.

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That’s not all; you could take the treat out of the house by getting front row movie tickets for you both.

9. Boudoir Photo Shoot

I’m sure by now you know how pictures melt the hearts of men. I asked my best friend to help me with mine because she has little experience in photography and she even gave me suggestions to make the pictures better.

However, there are lots of photographers out there who are experts at this, so you can easily get yours done. But if you don’t feel great with ideas like this, then there’s no need trying it. Remember, the concept is not to get slutty but to make temptingly attractive boudoir pictures.

10. Fantasy Sex Deck

You think you have game? Then you might not have tried the fantasy deck of sex cards. Each card holds a storyline that you will follow to create sexual fantasies according to the scenario on the selected card.

So, be ready to switch on your romantic fantasies as you pick a card because you will be shocked at the story line that will come up at your turn.

Which among these gifts do you find more interesting and will like to share with your man next?

Feel free to leave a line of two about other romantic gift ideas that will work perfectly well for him.