Should You Choose Granite or Quartz?

When you redesign your home, you put a huge amount of time, effort and money into finding exactly the right materials for the job. Kitchens are the area of the house changed least often, simply because they cost so much to remodel. This is why natural materials like granite and quartz is chosen when the room is redesigned because they are designed to last an extremely long time.

Opting for a granite or quartz worktop is indeed an investment. Neither are cheap and both are a simple case of ‘you get what you pay for’. Which to choose out of the two is a difficult choice. Both are beautiful and both will last you a very long time. Many people ask ‘quartz or granite?’ but often they don’t find an easy answer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the more you know, the more able you will be to make an informed decision when you make this choice.

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Stain Resistance

Both materials are incredibly stain resistant, and with proper annual resealing and care you shouldn’t have much of an issue keeping stains off both the materials. However, Quartz is the most stain resistant compared to granite because granite is naturally porous, so if it isn’t sealed correctly or it isn’t maintained properly it will be prone to staining. So if you use your kitchen a lot and tend to work a lot on your countertops with food, it might be worth opting for quartz over granite in this instance.

Home Maintenance Basics For New Homeowners


This is an important consideration because we all like to maintain products in our home as little as possible. None of us would choose to make more work for ourselves if we could avoid it. So you want to opt for the surface that has the smallest amount of maintenance. Granite will definitely need annual resealing to maintain it, and the company you purchase the granite from may not do this as part of their aftercare plan, so be prepared to do this yourself if you do opt for granite. Quartz on the other hand only needs regular cleaning, so it less maintenance than granite.

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Granite and quartz are both very durable and resist chips, scratches and knocks really well. Many people do not use chopping boards on their granite or quartz worktops, so both are equal in durable properties.

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Granite and quartz are both stunning, which is why they are so regularly used within the home. Granite tends to be used by homeowners who like a natural appearance in the materials they use and it works really well with other natural products like wood. However, quartz is very similar and can bring a more modern look to the home. Both have some very beautiful natural variations and both look attractive in a wide variety of settings.

So which to choose? 

This really comes down to preference. If you see a particular shade of granite or quartz that you love, go for what you love and don’t look back. This surface will last you a very long time so make the decision with your heart and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.