Acquiring A Green Card By Participating In The Visa Lottery

There are fifty thousand slots of America green card which are given every year and a person may be eligible to get one. The lottery was formed in the act of immigration crafted in 1990 to assist countries that had sent a small number of immigrants to the United States send more. A person can join this lottery if they are a native of one of these nations and if they also meet certain requirements. People who get the cards are retrieved through random drawing and hence the name the “Green card”. The winners of the lottery are fifty thousand each year. This number comes up by the division of the globe to sections and giving seven per cent or less of the total green cards to be given every year to a divided section of the globe.

Qualifying Countries

· Most countries qualify but some countries from October 1st to November 3 of 2014 will be excluded. They include Colombia, China, Ecuador, Haiti, The Dominican republic and others. Qualifying countries are chosen every year dependent on which countries and sections of the world sent the least number of immigrants in the previous five year period. People applying should claim ability to be called natives of the countries they are applying from which means being born in that country.

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· If a person comes from a country ineligible and if the spouse of the individual had been claiming citizenship by birth of one of the countries qualifying for it the person can claim the citizenship of birth of the spouse in order to participate in the lottery. The spouse however must qualify for the lottery and get the visa to travel with the person to the United States and they must travel with the person who has won the lottery to the United States.

· If none of the applicant’s parents had been birthed in the country of nativity or they had lived there at the applicant’s birth they may stake a claim to be natives in either of the countries of birth of the parents.

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Acquiring A Green Card By Participating In The Visa Lottery

Employment Qualification

· The applicants from the countries qualifying should have a diploma from high school or a similar certificate of a course spanning twelve years of secondary or elementary education and two years of experience in a task requiring experience of two years or more.

How to Apply for the Lottery

· The applicant must originate from the nations permitted and also satisfy the set requirements so as to apply once a year. If a person applies more than once they will have their subsequent applications in future cancelled they are supposed to use the state department’s website to submit the applications. They are also supposed to send two photos; one of themselves, the other of one of each wife, children or husband if the applicant is not selected in a year they may need to reapply the following year.

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· New periods for applications are autumn of each year. The next period to apply is the Diversity visa 2016 which will accept applications in October 1 at noon to noon November 3 2014. Checking on the winners of the lottery at the department of state website commences on May 5 2015.

If a Person Wins

· Winning does not mean you get the card since the number of winners announced exceeds the number of cards issued. A person should follow up with an immigration lawyer who has experience or they may miss altogether. The person must also prove after winning the lottery that they can support themselves while in the United States. The winner must also prove they are admissible to live in the united states by not having been arrested for crime or having mental or physical diseases.