From Food Poisoning To Firework Explosions: Everything You Need To Know About Making A Claim

The latest national accident statistics show that over three million people are injured in accidents each year, with 1.3 million of those involved in road traffic accidents. Other common accidents include those at work and outdoors, such as hiking and biking accidents.

From Food Poisoning To Firework Explosions: Everything You Need To Know About Making A Claim

In many of these cases, somebody or something else was at fault for the accident occurring, and the victim/s have a legal right to claim for financial compensation.

Choosing a Solicitor

If you don’t already have a solicitor, you can find independent legal practitioners who’ll operate on a no win, no fee basis at They specialise in all areas of personal injury law and will select the best solicitor for you according to your case.

Remember that no win, no fee does not equal no charges. You may be charged a bill of costs by the other party if your claim is unsuccessful. For this reason, insurance is recommended.

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Getting Started with your Claim

To establish the details of your case and to kick-start the process, your solicitor will need to know a few things:

·         When and where and how the accident happened;

·         The details of your injury, medical diagnosis and medical treatment;

·         The contact details for any witnesses, immediate family or not.

Your Solicitor May also Ask for:

·         Proof of any loss of earnings related to your injury, along with other expenses;

·         Documents relating to your insurance, for example car insurance to cover costs;

·         Documents that can substantiate your claim.

Establishing the Strength of your Case and your Eligibility

With the information above, your solicitor will be able to judge the strength of your case and ascertain your eligibility, as well as offer advice on:

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·         How likely your case is to succeed, and;

·         How much compensation you may be able to claim for.

Moving Forward with your Claim

If based on this information you wish to proceed with a claim, your solicitor will discuss the terms of engagement for your case. They will also discuss the legal processes of making a claim and will discuss with you directly how you will fund your case. Most lawyers will agree to work on a no win, no fee basis. If you wish to fund your case yourself, that’s fine too.

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Your solicitor should then send you a letter confirming everything that’s been discussed; be sure to ask them to do this, just to make sure. This will be a summary of the advice that’s been given to you and will serve as a reminder for the early stages of the claims process.

The Waiting Game

After your solicitor has sent a claim letter to the defendant, the other party will investigate your claim and the circumstances in which it took place. The claims process usually takes six – 12 months, however in cases where the claim value is contested or liability is not accepted, this can stretch beyond the 12-month mark. Your solicitor will keep you updated throughout the process – most cases are settled without any hiccups.