7 Things To Do This Summer

Summer is a time of bliss, only made better with company and of course, a few road trips (even down to the local pool!). However, too often when we have a catch up at the end of summer we hear that people haven’t bothered to make the most of it.

Whilst having a few chill out days in the summer is great, there’s so much more to explore. Everyone should make a conscious effort to make the most of the gorgeous weather and the equally appealing activities on offer this season. To help you with a few ideas, we have compiled a list of seven things to do this summer.

Beach Volleyball

There’s nothing better than basking in the sun on the sandy shores of a nearby beach. If you want to spice your visit up a little bit then try playing a game of beach volleyball! All you need is a net, a ball and some enthusiastic players. You don’t have to be the sportiest gal or guy on the planet to enjoy this awesome game, and it is a fantastic activity for families to try too!

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7 Things To Do This Summer


Summer is the perfect time to pull the rusty old bike out of the shed, give it a quick hose off to get rid of any dust and head out on the open road! In the UK, there are tonnes of cycling routes to take advantage of; some based in the glorious countryside and others located in lovely, wooded areas that promise a bit more privacy from motorists. So why not take a look at the best cycling routes and give them a shot! We guarantee that after a good cycle, you’ll be more than content to sit outside in the sunshine, working on your tan, with an ice-cold bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

Go Caravanning

Caravanning is so enjoyable. It provides the cushy comforts of home whilst allowing you to experience all the fun of camping! Also, it gives you a chance to explore the great outdoors whilst visiting local towns, attending nearby events and having a blast! If you think it’s too late to book, you will be pleased to know that many holiday parks offer last minute caravan holidays so you can still experience the wonders of caravanning. You may even want to revamp your current caravan to make it feel more summery!

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Learn an Instrument

What better way to make the most of your summer than by learning your all-time favourite song on a new instrument! Not only will you have something to show when the sunny season ends, but the deadline will really motivate you to master the guitar, piano, violin, drums or any instrument you like! With so much choice and freedom, learning an insturment is definitely in the top five of many people’s summer bucket list!

Create a Bucket List

On the topic of bucket lists, we felt it was only right to pop this one in here. Not only will making a bucket list drive you to make the most of the summer, it will also give you something to work to, keeping you motivated and getting rid of summer (and year-round) lethargy. You can be as extreme or as simple as you like, and you can even get a friend involved to make things more fun!

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Get Creative

We all have a creative side waiting to get out, and whether this means finishing a short story or taking on a full-blown summer art project, it’s a great way to spend those warm summer evenings in the garden. So grab your paint brushes and pop on an old t-shirt as it is time to get creative!

Document Your Experiences

So you’re reaching the end of the summer holidays, and you’ve had an absolute blast this season, but you have nothing to show for it! Instead of feeling sluggish and unmotivated, why not document your experiences by making a mini movie so you can relive all of your favourite moments over and over again! All you need is a video camera, and you’re all set for making this summer the best one yet.

These are just seven things you can do this summer; one for every day of the week! You can add to or edit this list to suit your personal preference though – you just need a little bit of imagination!