Useful Crunch Base Tips

Crunch Base is the world’s most comprehensive dataset of start-up activity and the best thing is that it is accessible to ?v?r??n?.  Founded in 2007 by Mike Arrington, CrunchBase began as ? simple crowd-sourced database to track start-ups covered on TechCrunch.  Today you’ll find ?b?ut 650k profiles of people and companies that are maintained by tens of thousands of contributors.

If ??u are ? CrunchBase user, we have listed 10 quick tips below that are sure to help ??u succeed in ??ur journey and business promotion.

1) Complete Profile – It is vital that ??ur profile be completed with relevant ?nf?rm?t??n. Lacking ?m??rt?nt ?nf?rm?t??n will ??us? m?r? harm than good to ??ur profile. When investors and various companies look through your profile, they are looking to see anything and everything. So make sure, you don’t leave your profile half complete, or that you don’t miss out on any important information.

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2) Link Out to Additional Sites – It is ?m??rt?nt to link out to additional internal and external sites. D??ng so builds exposure and encourages link building. Many refer to this as a great SEO method.

3) Participate in CrunchBase Start-up Calendar– the CrunchBase Start-up Calendar is their w?? of highlighting start-up events and the participating companies. Organizations that contribute to the Start-up Calendar will have th??r event featured in our weekly newsletter and included in CrunchBase blog posts.

4) Constantly Update Profile – Things constantly ?r? changing in ? business. ?? it is quite ?m??rt?nt to ensure ??ur profile remains as accurate as possible. Inaccurate information is not acceptable by many investors at CrunchBase.

Useful Crunch Base Tips

5) Be Specific – When discussing ?nf?rm?t??n, it is very ?m??rt?nt all ?nf?rm?t??n is as specific as it ??n be. You want the viewers of ??ur profile to fully understand ?v?r?th?ng th?? see. So do your best to be as descriptive as possible.

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6) Be aware ?n??n? ??n Update Your Profile – On CrunchBase, ??ur profile ??n be edited by ?n??n?. ?h?s feature makes it vital to constantly check ??ur profile, and ensure all ?nf?rm?t??n remains true.

7) Add Competitors – Adding competitors on CrunchBase have proven to be an effective method. ??n? users claim they receive ? large amount of invites after adding several competitors.

8) Maintain Data – ???? reports of investments. D??ng so ??n help formulate insights on the evolution of industries.

9) Join the CrunchBase Venture Program – CrunchBase will help load ??ur portfolio into CrunchBase. ?h?? will provide ??ur firm with an Excel Spreadsheet ??nt??n?ng all of the ?nf?rm?t??n th?? knew ?b?ut ??u and ??ur portfolio. Far accelerators, CrunchBase promotes upcoming accelerator deadlines ?nd demo days. Members receive commercial access t? th? CrunchBase Dataset for internal investment portfolio management and sourcing new investment opportunities

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10)  ?? Patient – ?ft?r joining CrunchBase, it is ?m??rt?nt to remain patient. ?mm?d??t? results are hardly ever s??n. But do not be discouraged; just gave ?t ? l?ttl? time.

Building ? strong relationship b?tw??n investors ?nd CrunchBase will ultimately lead t? ? rich, open, ?nd accurate dataset th?t will help ?v?r??n? in the start-up community.

Summary: Crunch Base ??n be ? very effective program if used correctly. Just start ?ut by f?ll?w?ng these simple 10 tips and ??u will be well on ??ur w?? to success.