What Is Depression? and Its Effects On Health

With increased pressure at home and at work, the magnitude of stress has increased. Hence, those who are diagnosed depression are on the rise. This has led to many drug companies taking advantage of manufacturing and advertising antidepressants. Depression is a continuous feeling of sadness, irritability, and emptiness. Moreover, people may fear you because of your unpredictable mood. Fortunately, this condition can be handled. Outlined in this article are the symptoms and effects of depression.

Notable Symptoms of Depression

· If you are suffering from depression, you will experience persistent sadness and emptiness. This might also manifest itself in you feeling hollow or empty and losing interest in the things that once you valued. Besides, the people you value may appear as strangers.

· In addition, you might also develop the habit of forgetting things very fast which might lead to a feeling of guilt and helpless. In fact, you will feel that the world hates you therefore there is no need of living.

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· Some other symptoms include decreased energy levels and increased levels of fatigue. This is due to loss of positive attitude that you had before. You will feel that something bad is about to happen.

· In extreme cases, you will experience mood swings developing to bipolar condition. This may also lead to advanced insomnia.

· You may feel a loss of appetite. In advance stages, you will experience nausea, vomiting, heartburn among others. In some instances, it is very common to feel a lot of pain in your muscles and even persistent headaches.

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What Is Depression? and Its Effects On Health

Effects of Depression

· In serious depression, you might experience reduced productivity. You may miss crucial workdays or reporting but not working. Moreover, your body’s adherence to treatment may go down. Hence, you are likely to fall sick more often.

· If you were having a flourishing relationship before, depression can negatively interfere with you r marriage. This is because; the responsibility of living with a depressed person can take a heavy toll on your partner.

· With chronic cases of depression, you might start feeling that your condition is getting out of hand while before you could easily manage. If it goes untreated, you may start abusing alcohol and other serious drugs. Later on, you may attempt to take suicide, which can be detrimental to your life.

· Depression may also lead to insomnia where you continuously wake up at night or sleep for long hours. In addition, you may also loose interest in sex. Once this has occurred, it will be very easy for your partner to divorce you.

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In brief, we can say that depression is a condition that you might experience from time to time. It only becomes serious if it goes unattended to for long. The long-term depressive state can be dangerous to your health as it might lead to break in relationships, suicidal thoughts, losing interest at work and even drug and alcohol abuse. It is desirable that you seek medical attention early. This, you can do by using Ehic card that will allow you to get the medical services at reduced costs.