Relationships and Fetishes

Trends come and go but fetishes have always been around. Sure maybe we take it a little further in this day and age but when you trace it back these fetishes have always been there. Everybody has likes and dislikes and for some it is essential that their fetishes be played out to reach satisfaction.

Maybe you are in a new relationship and are looking to experience something new and exciting. Perhaps it is a long-term relationship and you want to spice things up. Or could it be you are going through a rebellious stage and want to do something completely out of the norm? Whatever the reason, remember, whenever you are trying out a new fetish you should play it safe.

Common Fetishes

Most people have pretty straightforward fetishes, simple things like a foot fetish where feet played is required for stimulation. Or used panties fetishes, where one party enjoys keeping their partners used underwear for further stimulation either at a later date or prior to the encounter with their partner. Used panties fetishes are quite common and have actually been around for a while, usually correlating to the used underwear being a trophy of the encounter.

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Relationships and Fetishes

There are many fetishes that people enjoy that are a simple fascination with a body part or type of clothing or object. Other fetishes leans more towards role-playing or enactment. This could be simple dress up or meeting at a different environment and pretending to be strangers. Harmless fun, it’s when you start with role-playing of a physical nature that you must introduce boundaries.

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Open Discussion

When you start introducing fetishes like BDSM it is very important that you set your boundaries with your partner first. Make sure everything is laid out on the table and that there is a safe word. This way when things start to head into territory that you are uncomfortable with you can easily let each other know when to stop.

Enjoying new experiences with your partner is a natural progression within any relationship. However, some couples find that when boundaries are not laid out beforehand they run the risk of something going in an unwanted direction and either one or both parties does not enjoy the event and leaves a negative memory of the experience. Creating a negative association to that encounter and preventing them to try new things later on at different stages within their relationship.

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To enjoy an open and growing relationship have open discussions about your likes and dislikes. Lay out the boundaries of what you would like to try and make sure that both parties are comfortable with all aspects of what is being discussed before jumping into the deep end! Take turns at satisfying each other desires and fetishes when trying new things. This way neither party will get bored with the relationship or feel unsatisfied. It is vital that both parties of any partnership contribute to keeping things fun within their relationship. Too often people complain that their relationship is going down south but there are so many ways to keeps the fire alive!