Feel Fabulous With A Breast Augmentation!

In search for ways to get a better toned figure? Worrying too much about the downside of plastic surgery? Well, there’s a solution to everything they say, and the secret to getting it right is choosing what’s right for you.

For most people, bodily appearance ranks much higher on their personality checklist than most other things. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Choosing the way their breasts look is one of the attributes most women are entitled to. There can be a number of reasons to make your breasts look fuller, and more proportioned than before. Many a time’s pregnancy, weight loss and simple aging can lead to sagging breasts, giving you a worn out feel.

Atlanta breast augmentation services are one of the finest in the lot, and start from an amicable consultation session with expert plastic surgeons, and leading up to the real surgery, we’ve got it covered for you. You need to begin with the right choice for yourself, and pick the one that offers you the best outcome. For instance, if the purpose is to correct the symmetry between both breasts, a single augmentation procedure will do.

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Feel Fabulous With A Breast Augmentation!

The surgical procedure involves implants, which can be silicone or saline implants depending on your particular care and cost effectiveness. Breast augmentation Atlanta offers both, but recommends only those which are best suited to your body. Your expectations from the surgery are central to the way things will work out between you and your doctor. Atlanta breast augmentation doctors and services are therefore dedicated to providing you only what you desire, but also bearing in mind the complementary costs and risks.

Feel Absolutely Fabulous

The process of breast augmentation Atlanta GA is nothing new, and most previous patients will tell you how content they are with the simplicity of it. A typical surgery to augment your breasts will involve small incisions, made carefully where they won’t show later, and a pocket is created under the breast tissue. Then, according to the requirements and physical attributes of the patient, implants will be inserted. The depth and size of the incision will vary from person to person, and the volume that is required in each case. At Atlanta breast augmentation we never recommend anything short of natural, because the whole idea of a better looking body figure is thwarted if the result is not up to the mark.

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The results of a breast augmentation are almost immediately identifiable. Some swelling at the operated area is routine and the incisions will initially appear red and sore. In a few days, the scars will begin to fade away and your breasts will begin to appear fuller as the implants settle in their new space.

Risks with Breast Augmentation

While you are in the process of making your decision to get plastic surgery, be wary of hard selling surgery clinics that often misguide potential customers. And because cosmetic surgeries are seldom insured, you must invest your time and energy in ensuring only the best and most professional source of medical supervision. Atlanta breast augmentation is no commercial service that will impose its services on any other patient that walks in. Even though breast augmentation may be a relatively minor and easy to perform surgery, the risks involved must be communicated to the patient.

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Although rare, there are chances that the following might occur with the patient.

  • A patient may have to get additional surgeries after the first one. This will become evident after a few days or weeks of the surgery, when you may start to feel sustained breast pain, or that implants have not been set right.
  • Patients have also encountered a change in breast and nipple sensation after the surgery. This may be considered natural if the sensation is not disturbing everyday routine.
  • In the case of saline-filled implants, there is a risk of rupture, while gel-filled silicone implants may rupture without any symptoms. Dr. Crispin Breast augmentation surgeon in Atlanta follows up with patients for this very purpose and checks up on any abnormal behaviour.
  • Any other implant complications that can cause, thinning and shrinking of skin and sometimes lead to delay wound healing.

All in all, these risks come into play in only 1 percent of the patients. Breast augmentation is carried out with high success rates, giving patients the chance to be more confident and youthful in their everyday lives.