What Can I Expect From A Calgary Cosmetic Dentist?

A Cosmetic Dentist in Calgary AB could reshape your teeth, close spaces, bring back worn or short teeth or modify the shape of your teeth. Typical cosmetic dental care procedures consist of tooth whitening, bonding, crowns and bridges, tooth veneers, and gum contouring. From subtle adjustments to significant repairs, the Cosmetic Dentistry expert at Concept Dentistry in Calgary AB can carry out a selection of treatments to improve your smile. There are many techniques and choices to address teeth that are stained, broken, misshapen or missing. These smile enhancements are not always just aesthetic dentistry.  Many of these therapies can correct dental issues, such as your bite or jaw function.


Dental Veneers are slices of porcelain or plastic positioned over the front teeth to change the color or form of your teeth. Veneers are utilized on teeth with jagged areas or  teeth that are cracked, blemished, unusually molded, unevenly spaced or crooked. Little or no anesthesia is required.  Porcelain Veneers are used by a Calgary Cosmetic Dentist to deal with some of the exact same problems as dental bonding. This treatment is an option to crowns, which can be more expensive. The treatment needs your Calgary AB cosmetic dentist to take an impression of your tooth. Just before the tailor-made veneer is cemented directly onto the tooth, your dental practitioner will gently rub the tooth to make up for the included thickness of the veneer. When the cement is between the veneer as well as your tooth, a beam is made use of to harden it. Porcelain veneers require multiple appointments given that they are fabricated in a dental lab. Veneers have a longer life expectations and color security compared to bonding.

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What Can I Expect From A Calgary Cosmetic Dentist?


Tooth shaping and contouring is a procedure to fix jagged teeth, damaged or irregularly formed teeth and even overlapping teeth in a single session. Tooth reshaping and also contouring, is generally utilized to alter the size, form or position of your teeth. Contouring teeth might also help with small issues with your bite It is common for bonding to be combined with tooth reshaping.  This treatment is excellent for candidates with typical, healthy and balanced teeth however which want subtle changes to their smile. Your dental practitioner will certainly take X-rays to review the dimension and location of the pulp of each tooth to make sure that there suffices bone between the teeth to support them.

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Crowns, also called caps, cover a tooth to recover it to its typical shape and also appearance. Due to their expense, they are used in situations where other treatments will certainly not work. Crowns have the longest life span of all cosmetic reconstructions, however are the most time-consuming.


Tooth whitening is a common and also prominent chemical process utilized to whiten teeth. Some folks bleach to make spots go away, while other just desire a whiter shade. Staining occurs in the enamel as well as could be created by treatment, coffee, tea and also cigarettes. Staining additionally could be hereditary or due merely to becoming older. Zoom! whitening can be performed by your cosmetic dental expert in the office or, under dental direction, you could lighten your teeth with dental trays in the home. Several patients enjoy lightening at home due to the fact that it is a lot more convenient. Treatment starts when your dental practitioner develops a custom-made mouth piece to make certain the right amount of whitening gel is used which your teeth are appropriately exposed. Normally, bleaching in the house takes two to 4 weeks, depending upon the preferred shade you wish to attain. Whitening in the dental office might require one or additional 45-minute to one-hour appointments at the Calgary dentist office.

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Bonding is tooth-colored material utilized to fill in gaps or alter the shade of teeth. Requiring a single visit, bonding lasts many years. Bonding is much more vulnerable to staining or chipping compared to various other forms of reconstruction. When teeth are chipped or slightly decomposed, adhered composite materials may be the product of choice. Bonding additionally is utilized as a tooth-colored loading for small cavities. Additionally, it can be utilized to close space in between teeth or cover the whole outer surface area of a tooth to transform its color as well as form.

Your Calgary cosmetic dentist can respond to the concerns you have about the techniques utilized to enhance your smile. The health condition of your teeth and your desired result usually indicate the very best procedure for you.