Tips on How to Encourage Employees to Reduce Garbage

These days, more people prefer companies that follow green practices. They support businesses that understand the impact of their operations on the environment. Therefore, it is best for your company if you start focusing on how you can help save the environment in small ways.

It starts by encouraging your employees to go green. It might be tough since they already got used to some practices at work. Asking them to change to help the environment could be an inconvenience to them. Use these tips to convince them to act and change now.

Create a green team

You need to have a group of people at work who will encourage the employees to change. The team should create reasonable guidelines. They will follow-up on the progress. They should also convince people who are still not changing their ways to start acting. You need this team since you can’t be there all the time to reprimand employees.

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Show the results

It is easy for people to feel convinced to act if they see the impact of their actions. You need to post progress on a board. For instance, you can tell them how much the business earned by selling recycled paper. You can also show the number of bottles collected which are up for recycling. You can even post the electric bills and show how much has changed since the company went green.

Create reminders

Some employees want to help, but they need constant reminders. You can do it by putting notes in essential areas. For instance, you can leave a note to limit the number of pages for printing. You can also remind them to conserve water when using the faucet. You need a big reminder to turn everything off when not in use, especially for the last person leaving the office.

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Offer incentives 

You can give rewards to employees who changed their ways. For instance, you can give a train ticket for a month if an employee decides to ditch their car and take public transportation. These incentives don’t always have to be in monetary form. The goal is to encourage employees to change their ways.

Organize a workshop

You can invite a speaker to come over and conduct a workshop on environmental issues. It might be difficult for you to ask people to change if you are not in the position to say something about the environment. If you are inviting an expert in environmental policies, it will be easier for employees to understand what they need to do.

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Label the recycling bins

You can make it somewhat more comfortable for the employees to change by doing some things for them. You can label the trash bins so that they don’t have to spend a lot of time segregating their waste. It also helps if you provide examples of what goes into each bin instead of only a label that says “recyclable”.

Seek services of environment-friendly partners

Apart from making changes in the office, you can also change the people you partner with, and choose the ones that also have environment-friendly practices. For instance, you can hire a junk removal company if they can guarantee that they will recycle the items collected or use them for a good cause.

With these changes, it will be easy to convince employees to act now.

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