5 Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Winter Tree

Taking care of your trees is not an easy task. You will encounter many problems especially in the winter season when trees are susceptible to various damages. Thus, you have to make sure your trees are tough and sturdy enough for the coming winter. To help you with this task, here are some tips on winter tree care.

  • Prepare for Cold Stresses

Cold stresses come in many forms and often, and you can’t do much to prevent frost from cracking. So don’t prune until the trees are already dormant. If you prune too early, frost damages will increase. If you have young trees like palm and other tropical trees, you may consider wrapping their barks to prevent damages from cold stresses.

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  • Use Organic Mulch

Drought is one of the inevitable effects of winter. When the trees lose enough water, it causes winter drought especially to evergreens. To prevent this problem from occurring, use organic mulch and put it around the tree’s base. This will help the trees from preventing moisture loss.

  • Set Out Bait for Mice

Rodents are likely to appear on winter to search for food. They can cause damages to your trees since they are going to munch on barks or girdle trees. To prevent them from doing this, you can set out bait and check the tree trunk and the mulch often. You can also use insect repellent to get rid of unwanted mice and even squirrels, which are also culprit of tree damages.

  • Fertilize and Hydrate the Trees
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It is important to hydrate the trees and fertilize them before winter arrives. You should give them enough nutrients that will definitely help them strong when winter comes. Also, you have to take advantage of the sunny weather when you can still go outside to watch over your trees and take care of them. Use fertilizers that promote faster growth of roots.

  • Do an Early Tree Inspection

Don’t just sit back and relax when winter arrives. Just because you did the above tips does not mean your trees could get away from the possible damages caused by the season. As early as possible, do an inspection and check on your trees if any of them is already stooping or bending. An early tree inspection will help your prevent further damages so check your trees from time to time. It will also help you know the condition of your trees and what you will need to save them.

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Feel free to share these tips with your loved ones and relatives. If you have other ways that work for you, go ahead and share them with us!

Written by Robert Thompson, owner of LC Lawncare & Landscaping, where they are one of the best companies for tree service in Columbia, MO.