Fantastic 5 Strategy Games Online That Are A Must Try

Fantastic 5 Strategy Games Online That Are A Must Try

There are two types of game lovers. First, the heart pounding and fast paced action game lovers and the second type who love to rattle their brains and get the answers out. Here we talk about the second type. These are strategy games that asks for a strong intellect that can outsmart and outwit the competition in no time.

These are the digital avatars of the games like chess and rummy with advanced graphics and sometimes even with characters. The demand of these games is planning the moves well in advance of the competition, predicting what your opponent’s next move would be, and ultimately outsmarting the other players.

These strategy games are what separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls, when it comes to real brain power.  If you think, you have it in you to play and win such games, then check out these fantastic five strategy games today.

The games we have selected here are the five best online games that incorporates time based strategy that let’s you think about your next move and then apply it to the game. You will be able to see if your planning and strategy actually paid off. Sounds like your kind of thing? Let’s get started with these games.

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It is one of the favourite turn based strategy games that will make you feel that there is a whole new world out there to explore. There is a storyline, a quest and you need to apply the right strategy to move forward. You can keep playing this game for hours and still feel you have just started. You can pick an avatar for yourself and you will continue with this avatar moving forward. The real action starts when exploring the world. If you are thinking, this is a regular action game, you are wrong. You use your tactical skills to win battle and fight the battles. One wrong move and you could be blown to pieces or come out as an absolute winner with your strategy in place.

Online rummy

If you are not into action games and are looking for something a bit more mature, then a must try out would be online rummy. This is a complete skill based card game where you have to pick and discard cards to make a valid declaration. The challenge of the game lies in making quick mathematical calculations, and remembering the cards you have given up and also shuffling them around to form your groups quickly. To play rummy online, you can download the rummy game on Android or enjoy it on your desktop. The best part of this card game is that you win real cash. Yes, the money you win goes directly into your bank account that you can cash out. The rules are simple, and you should definitely try it out.

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Battalion: Nemesis

This is a turn based strategy game and even though it may look cartoonish, it is not for kids. When you start playing this game, you have to start thinking in terms of a board game. Conceptually, it is somehow similar to Marauders. Here you need to position your units and maximize their ability to attack the enemies without getting destroyed before the next round. Things can look tricky when dealing with air, land and sea units. One of the most challenging things to do is keeping a close eye on what units can attack other kinds of units, along with the effectiveness of the weapons. Don’t get slaughtered, or the game is over. So, you have to effectively manage air defense and of course win it. Something, you can definitely look forward to.

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We may have all played this game in one form or the other. This is a fun game, not heavy on graphics and a totally productive way to spend some free hours. The only trick with sudoku is making the calculations to close the box accurately. Well, it sounds simple, but it demands your full concentration and push your thinking buttons the right way. So, if you are in the mood of a light game, this is a welcome change.


The last one on the list is on a lighter note, SteamBirds. Even though it is the same old fighting, you can never really get bored of it. This is one game that offers absolute strategy, every step of the way.  What the strategy really asks from you is to figure out the best way to manage the aircraft under your command, so that you can take your enemies down, without causing any damage to yourself. Every aircraft is loaded with different weapons and can turn at different rates. You will be amazed how challenging you will find this game.

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