Alternative Ways To Detoxify Your Life

In this day and age there is not a single soul who is completely at peace. Unless they are dead, in that case their state of peace is highly debatable. The point is, we all have issues, we all have tensions, and we all have a never-ending to-do list where everything was due yesterday.

Consequently, everyone is looking for super powers that would let them accomplish all their tasks while simultaneously giving time to their family, friends and their own selves.

People are willing to go to any length to gain victory over the challenges life throws at them. Some look towards science and medicine for answers, which come as multivitamins, special treatments and power-boosting meals. While others opt for centuries old methods of reinvigorating mind and body to increase performance. These unconventional methods are generally known as Alternative Therapy.

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Their roots are buried deep in the ancient cultures and folklore. These methods are largely considered non invasive and subtle as compared to the new age, scientific medicine. All over the world, alternative therapies are trending over modern medicine, and Dubai is no exception to that. We have compiled a few of the best alternative therapy spots in Dubai, but you can find a significantly longer list of wellness options like:

Life Works Foundation

Detoxification begins from deep within. The underlying troubles and worries are what keep people up at night, hence causing disruptions in a healthy lifestyle. Life Works Foundation is your platform for achieving emotional, physical and mental well-being. Services on offer range from Counseling, Psychiatry, Employee Assistance Programs for working individuals and Trainings.
Swasthya Ayurveda

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Originating from Indian roots, Swasthya Ayurveda is a system of natural medicine for over all wellness. While Swasthya is a Sanskrit word, meaning, well being. When combined, these two words essentially form the soul of this place. They use special therapies and particular herbs and oils for all the services, including, Weight Loss Therapy, Stress Management And Relaxation Therapy, Joint Pain Management, Detoxification Therapy, Skin And Beauty Care, Post-Natal Care, Hair Care Program and Anti-Aging Therapy.

Rhythm Yoga Center And Fitness Club

Nothing calms down your senses like yoga. There is a reason why it is the go-to activity for stressed-out people all over the world. The serene, composed and coordinated movements help in alleviating tension from the muscles. While also inculcating a sense of balance and control within your body. The controlled breathing helps clear the mind of all doubts. Rhythm Yoga Center & Fitness Club offers different types of asana to suit your needs.

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Some of the other renowned forms of Alternative Therapies include Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy that is widely used in Spas all over Dubai, Color Therapy that uses visual cues to create harmony, Movement Therapy among others. The growing demand and interest in alternative therapies depict that people are going back towards their roots. There is so much wisdom in the cultures around us. All we need to do, is open our minds and embrace it.

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