Does Vitamin B12 Really Help With Weight Loss?

As we all begin to grow older over time, people can find that the extra pounds that they have generated around their waist, thighs, and hips over the years are more difficult to get rid of than ever before. Many people dedicate a great deal of time and effort to trying out methods of losing weight, only to discover that those extra pounds are far more stubborn than they had originally thought. Vitamin B12 can be a helpful added extra to a good diet and exercise routine, as it does assist in speeding up the metabolism, quickening the process of weight loss. Although there is no quick way to lose weight without the right exercise and diet routine, the increased energy levels and metabolism that B12 gives can assist in giving you the ideal body faster than if you were to go without.

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Weight Loss and Vitamin B12

Recently, more weight-conscious consumers than ever before have begun to learn about the link that exists between weight loss and Vitamin B12. Although there is definitely a connection that exists between the two things, it is not the connection that some companies would have consumers believe. Vitamin B12 is not capable of simply causing weight loss by itself. However, it does help to contribute to weight loss and assist individuals in losing more weight by increasing the rate at which fat and protein metabolize. When the fat and protein in an individual’s body are metabolized, energy is produced in abundance, which can help people to lose weight. Medical experts, dieticians and scientists have said that while Vitamin B12 does not cause people to lose weight, it can help people to slow down weight gain and increase their opportunities to get rid of excess fat.

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Does Vitamin B12 Really Help With Weight Loss

What is Vitamin B12?

A vitamin which naturally occurs within animal products such as eggs, fish and meat, Vitamin B12 does various beneficial things for the body, besides simply helping people to lose weight. For example, Vitamin B12 can:

  • Help to improve mental acuity and clarity
  • Assist in the production of red blood cells
  • Help to produce Serotonin, one of the essential chemicals that is produced within an individual’s brain, helping them to ‘feel good’ and stay positive
  • Assist in keeping someone’s nerves healthy, by producing the fatty tissues called myelin that exist around the nerves, protecting them from damage.
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Some clinics and weight-loss centers offer vitamin B12 injections as an essential part of their weight-loss programs, claiming that the shots that are given help to boost energy and metabolism levels. This can help you to shed the unwanted pounds that linger around your stomach and other problem areas on your body. However some experts suggest that unless you already have a deficiency in the level of B12 you have inside of your body, the injections may provide you with the level of boost you were originally hoping for. A positive note to remember though is that even if you do choose to consume extra B12, it is not likely to harm your health.

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