When You Need To Call An Electrician ASAP

It is estimated that there are more than 50,000 house fires that occur in the US as a result of electrical faults or malfunctioning every year. Unfortunately, there are usually close to 500 fatalities and thousands of permanent injuries as a result. However, there is a bright spot regarding this matter, most of these fires can actually be prevented if more homeowners would seek for the services of an electrician every time there was an electrical problem at home. There are important pointers that you should always look out for which include the following:

When You Need To Call An Electrician ASAP

System failure: Many older homes were not designed with most of the current electrical demands in mind and as a result they are almost always burdened and will shut down; the circuit breakers will shut down or fuses will blow. This is normally a sign that your circuits are overburdened and your electrician will recommend an electrical system upgrade.

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Lights that are din or flicker: Perhaps your electrical system is up to par but it gets overburdened every time you are using several appliances at the same time; appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners expend a lot of energy. If these are attached to the same circuits there will be an interruption in the lighting system. An electrician will definitely recommend that some of those large appliances have their own dedicated circuits.

A large number of extension cords: Statistics indicate that close to 3000 electrical fires happen as a result of electrical cords annually. While these devices may not necessarily be dangerous, they need to be used correctly in order to avoid risks. Since most homes don’t have sufficient outlets, the few that are available are usually over burdened with extension cords for every manner of device. The simple solution to this problem is to have an electrician add some extra outlets. Apart from saving your family from the danger of tripping over electrical cords all the time, this will also greatly reduce the risks associated with related home fires.

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Warm to the touch: It doesn’t matter how often or how much you use your electrical appliances, switches, components and outlets should never become warm unless there is an electrical fault somewhere. Whenever this happens there will always be chances that you or a family of your member will get an electric shock whenever they touch a switch or an outlet. You can be sure that this will present a serious safety risk for you and everyone else who enters your home. While this may not necessarily lead to an entire overhaul or electrical systems upgrade, chances are that the electrician will do some rewiring in the house.

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Advanced Age: Unlike wine, your electrical system doesn’t get better with age. If you live in a house that is over 25 years old and whose electrical system has never been upgraded, there are chances you will have some electrical problems. Consider an upgrade even if you haven’t experienced any serious problems as yet.

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