How To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

Your cell phone is an essential part of your daily life but did you know it could be causing you significant health problems? Cell phones emit strong levels of electromagnetic radiation, whether you use your phone to chat, text, or get on the internet. All these tasks may be essential, but there is a possibility that you are risking your health in the process.

Cell phone radiation has been linked to a greater risk of brain tumours, cell damage, skin damage, and other health issues. But thankfully there are safer ways you can use your cell phone without having to keep it switched off all the time.

  1. Minimise Phone Use
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You will find that you don’t have to have your phone switched on all day, every day. There are times when you can switch it off – and it is actually very healthy to do this both for minimising exposure to EMFs and also for increasing your psychological wellbeing. If you can make a call on a wired landline phone, do so.

  1. Use a Bluetooth Headset

If you are using your phone to talk, use a Bluetooth headset. This is better than putting your phone right next to your head. The Bluetooth headset works as it helps you keep the phone further away from your body when you are using it.

  1. Don’t Allow Kids to Have Phones
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It is not good practice, when you are concerned about electromagnetic radiation, to have children use mobile phones. Children are more vulnerable to the effects of cell phone radiation than adults as their heads and brains are still developing and they have less protective material in the body.

  1. Don’t Put Your Phone in your Pocket

Carry a phone in a bag or a briefcase rather than your pocket. If you must carry it in your pocket, put it on flight mode or turn it off. And don’t keep your phone close to your head at night in bed. If you do need to regularly carry a phone on your person, or you use it close to your bed as a clock, use cell phone radiation protection that uses screening material as a block against some of the harmful radiation entering your body.

  1. Don’t Use a Phone in Your Car
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Obviously it is not safe to use a cell phone while driving, but it is also not safe to use one when you are parked. This is because the phone must work harder to communicate with the tower when it is inside an enclosed space, which increases the EMF energy.

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