Ranchi, The Capital Of Jharkhand & A Popular Tourist Destination

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand state. It is the most significant city in the region as is the seat of politics, governance, education, commerce, and health-care. It is also a popular tourist destination especially amongst the backpackers who are enthusiast about learning more about the Indian tribes. Additionally, the city is also replete of various allures of nature that beckon one to visit the city. Head to the city to explore it, and for accommodations choose from best Ranchi hotels.

Of all the existing places in the country where one can best learn the tribal cultures, traditions, and tribal way of life, Ranchi is one destination that simply prevails many. It is a major urban city in the region as is located in the state of Jharkhand. In fact, the city is the capital of the state and is the centre point of everything that goes around in the state. However, before the parent state Jharkhand was carved out off the rather larger state Bihar, Ranchi used to be the capital of Bihar. Being the capital of the Bihar or Jharkhand, Ranchi always had considerate significance. Other than politics, the city is also significant in terms of politics, education, healthcare. A good to know fact about the city, the literacy rate in Ranchi is higher than that of nation, which is something that most of the people in the country don’t expect from the city. Plus, Ranchi is also the city where the male to female ratio is almost balanced, which is not the case of many of the cities in the country.

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Ranchi, The Capital Of Jharkhand & A Popular Tourist Destination

Meanwhile, Ranchi is still a developing city that is yet to accomplish more in order to compete with other metropolitans in the country. The city has a spread of about 172.12 sq km and is situated at an elevation of 629 m above the sea level. Basically the city sits atop of a plateau and consists of a hilly geography whose major percentage of land is capped by thick layer of greenery. The name Ranchi is on reference on the word Archi, which means bamboo grove for the fact that the region used to house large bamboo groves. Other than the bamboo groves, the place initially had a village that was the home of the tribes. Even today, there are many regions within the city’s territory that are still inhabited by the tribes. Thus, making Ranchi a perfect destination for learning and understanding more about the tribes in India.

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Meanwhile, note that the city is known to receive tropical-humid climate, which during summers usually gets hot with the temperature going as high as 42 degree C. Monsoon brings a good amount of rainfall in the city and the neighbouring regions. Not only does the rain showers clean off the surrounding, but they also fill the glittering water bodies and waterfalls with fresh water. At the meantime, of all the multiple epithets of the city, Ranchi as the city of waterfalls is perhaps the most popular epithet given to the city. Ranchi is home to number of beautiful cascading waterfalls, of which Hundru Falls, Dassam Falls, Hirni Falls, Johna Falls, and Panch Gagh Falls are the most popular ones. When in the city these waterfalls are must visit. Good thing is that many Ranchi hotels provide transportation services to these waterfalls, and also offer tour of the rest of the tourist attractions.

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Apart from the waterfalls the other most popular tourist attractions that are must visit when in Ranchi include: Rock Garden, Pahari Mandir, Jaggannath Temple, Dassam Falls, Dhurwa Dam, Ranchi Lake, Deori Temple, Kanke Dam, Tagore Hill, Muta Crocodile Breeding Centre, and Birsa Zoological Park etc.

Meanwhile the city is easy to access. Trains, roads, and flights connect the city to rest of the nation. Birsa Munda Airport is one of the finest airports in the country. It is served by flights of all major air-carriers. Plus, those seeking for convenient and cheaper modes to reach the city, the trains are good choice. Good thing is that there are couple of 3 star hotels in Ranchi suiting budget traveller’s wallet situated in the vicinity to the railway station.

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